Advanced Comic Review – Holy F*ck #2

Adam reads as many comics as he can afford. Every week he is going to attempt a review of one of them, with potential minor spoilers.

Following up from my review of the first issue of Holy Fuck back in January, writer Nick Marino sent us over a copy of #2 for us to check out too, in advance of its release this Wednesday. This is the second of a four issue mini series from Action Lab: Danger Zone, written by Nick Marino and drawn by Daniel Arruda Massa.

Holy Fuck is the story of the nun Maria, Jesus and Satan trying to stop a cabal of other deities led by Zeus and Isis who are trying to bring about the apocalypse. After a fairly blasphemous reunion between Jesus and Satan, Satan reveals that he has been investigating the gods’ plan – to reignite human worship by causing global nuclear Armageddon. As Satan says, holding up a shotgun, “I say we trash those assholes before they can fuck us over!” And Jesus agrees. Meanwhile, Zeus and Isis plot to capture Maria, and get her to spill her comrades’ plan to stop them. They use the Wendigo, who grabs her from the convenience store as she was picking up beer and cupcakes, and they tie her up to question her. This leads us back to the start of the first issue, with Jesus arriving via motorcycle (via UFO) a to rescue Maria from those dastardly gods.

This comic continues to be ridiculous fun, with most of the comedic weight coming from the machismo-tinged dialogue from Jesus and Satan. Jesus and his relationships with others continues to be intentionally offensive, but if you’re likely to be offended by it  you’re probably not reading a series called Holy Fuck. This does feel like a bit of an exposition issue, and as such the forward motion of the story does suffer, but it is forgiveable as it is a second issue. With regards to the art from Massa, it continues to be bold and expressive, with some of the best work being on the overly sinister scheming faces for Isis and Zeus, and in particular the hilariously out of place portrait of a naked Zeus above their dinner table.

Holy Fuck is definitely worth picking up, it’s a very funny book and is delightfully sacrilegious. This issue is a bit slower, as serves to flesh out the plot (necessarily) and gets us back to the opening of the first issue, but is still a lot of fun. Grab Holy Fuck #2 this Wednesday (March 4th), and pick up issue #1 if you haven’t already from your LCS or digitally.

Score: 7 Chocolate Cupcakes out of 10

Comic Review – Holy F*ck #1

Adam reads as many comics as he can afford. Every week he is going to attempt a mini review of one of them, with potential minor spoilers.

This week I picked up Holy Fuck #1, the first issue of a new four issue mini series from Action Lab: Danger Zone, written by Nick Marino and drawn by Daniel Arruda Massa, mainly because it looked funny and fairly different from everything else I’m reading at the moment.

Holy Fuck stars Jesus Christ, a nun named Sister Maria and Satan in the modern day, as they team up to prevent an upcoming apocalypse. Sister Maria saw this armageddon in a dream, machinated by a group of deities led by Zeus and Isis. This first issue opens up with Jesus rushing to rescue Maria from the gods on motorbike, looking like a long haired John McClane, bursting through the window in a hail of bullets. We then flash back a week, when Maria tracked Jesus down in Tokyo, finding him in a brothel with two naked women, while smoking meth and watching tentacle porn. Immensely disappointed in her saviour, but following her dream they fly to New Jersey, they find a bar owned by Satan himself, and it appears he and Jesus have some history that was left out of the bible…

Marino writes a fun, ridiculous story with a tight script in Holy Fuck. It was almost certainly intentionally blasphemous (not that I’m at all bothered by blasphemy), and it almost errs more on trying to tow that line than being as funny as it could be. Despite that, there are decent laughs to be had here, and I found the ‘Holy Fuck Origins Story’ retelling the resurrection at the end very funny. The art from Massa is expressive and cartoonish (in a good way), with the characters themselves all looking unique and humorous: Jesus is a muscle bound 80s action star, while Satan looks quite a bit like Tobias Fünke.

This was a fun read, and overall should be a very funny mini series. I’m interested to see how the deities try to bring about the apocalypse, and what the protagonists of Holy Fuck do to prevent it. Check it out at your LCS or digital comics platform.

8 El Diablos out of 10

Comic Review – ODY-C #1

Adam reads as many comics as he can afford. Every week he is going to attempt a mini review of one of them, with potential minor spoilers.

This week I picked up ODY-C #1 from Image Comics, written by Matt Fraction with art by Christian Ward, flatting by Dee Cunniffe and letters from Chris Eliopoulos. This is going to be a bit of a speed review, but I’ll probably struggle to sum this comic up anyway.

ODY-C is essentially a retelling of Homer’s The Odyssey, with two key differences. The first is that instead of ancient Greece, ODY-C takes place a distant galaxy, possibly in the future though it doesn’t really matter. The second is that all the male characters have been gender-swapped, with Zeus, Poseidon and Odyssia (not Odysseus anymore) all being female. In this story, Zeus had all the men in the galaxy slaughtered to avoid challenge to her rule, and the Olympian goddesses and mortals are constantly at war with one another. Following a decades long campaign on the seigeworld Troia, Odyssia starts to return home aboard her ship the ODY-C. She has however angered the gods, so Zeus and Poseidon want to make her journey back difficult if not impossible. Odyssia must deal with what are effectively space pirates, and doubt from members of her crew who are terrified of the vengeful wrath of the gods. Rather than continue to cut a bloody path through the galaxy, Odyssia decides what is most important to her and sets her sights homeward.

Reimaginings and retellings of The Odyssey are hardly a new concept, but Fraction and Ward do it in a fresh and unique way here. The shift to space opera makes this bleed high concept sci-fi, but the characters remain much the same. The gods remain vengeful assholes, and Odyssia is a fierce and extremely capable warrior and captain. The art is fantastic, with Ward bringing a psychedelic feel to every page with the colours and twisting designs a real treat for the eyes. There is an extensive fold-out timeline leading up to where the story picks up and a fold out planetary system map, which combine on their reverses to make this gorgeous piece of art.


This was a really interesting read, and fans of mythology and sci-fi should really enjoy this. I’ve not really done the book justice in trying and failing to summarise the story, but definitely check this out at your LCS or digitally. Now.

9 Starhearts out of 10