Tale Of One Gamer: Week Five

Welcome back my lovelys. Hope you haven’t missed this article. I bet you’ve been gagging for another painting fix! No? Well, you’re getting it anyway.

So this week I’ve been painting a Spellsinger. He’s not actually a Games Workshop model, he is in fact a Privateer Press model. He’s for a faction in Hordes and his title in that is Lord of the Feast. I’ve loved this model for a long time and have always wanted to use it. He seemed perfect for my disgraced Wood Elf force. He is normally modelled with a raven but I’ve changed it to an owl, because you know, owls are boss!

20140715-064718 pm-67638518.jpg

20140715-064717 pm-67637807.jpg
The one thing I didn’t realise is he’s got a severed arm in his bag. I guess we now know why he’s been expelled from his original group. Maybe he was using magics that were forbidden.

20140715-065153 pm-67913953.jpg
I’ve also been putting together Durthu. He’s a special character for the Wood Elves. I’m not sure how he’s fitting in with the fluff but I’ll think of something.

Hopefully next week we will have him paired up for your view pleasure.



The Tale Of One Gamer: Week Four


Well it happened. I failed the third week. Not by much but enough to kick me in the nuts for this week! The Dryads were always going to be the ones that did it. 18 of them didn’t help. But I’m glad I decided not too rush them as I’m very happy with the end result.

20140708-073359 pm-70439662.jpg
This was the unit that was going to push the colour scheme I chose. If it was going to work on these then I was sure it would work well as an army. I think it has! The scheme itself is more simple than it looks. I also love the way the foliage looks on the bases. Those pinks and purples look so nice. Once again the cork was a star!

Next week I have a spell singer and the big bad Durthu to paint. Fingers crossed I can make the blend work on him!

Tale Of One Gamer: Week 3


Gary presents his progress on his new Wood Elves army.

So, thanks for joining me again. I won’t take up to much of your time I promise. This week I’ve been making progress on my Rangers. These are the first 10 of a 20 strong unit. In game they are not “optimal” but any pros will soon be able to tell that my list is not optimal in any way!

The two reasons I choose this unit are a) they look shit hot and b) their fluff. The are basically border patrol for the Wildwood, an area of the Wood Elf kingdom where the evil forest spirits are imprisoned by magical waystones. I thought this fit in well with the fact that most of my army comprises of forest spirits.

image (6)

For painting I decided to use the same greyish blue I used as my Treemans bark as the cloaks colour. The skin turned out a bit darker than I wanted but I’m still happy with it.

This week I’ll be attempting to paint 16 Dryads! Fingers crossed.

Tale Of One Gamer: Week 2


So the first week has been a success! I have a finished Treeman! First unit complete and within time.

The scheme hasn’t quite come out how I anticipated but I’m very happy with the result. Our very own Kii has asked me to do a painting guide which I will do for the next one. I’ll include step by step photos and everything!

The base was the first time I’ve used cork and I bloody love it. I’d highly suggest using it if you don’t already. His base is probably the best I’ve made, ever! Again I’ll do a step by step for the next Treeman.

photo (1)

I’d say the hardest part was deciding the different colours. All my armies have a linked colour that runs through the entirety. For my Orks it was blue. Some would have blue goggles, my battle wagon had blue banners etc. I think this really pulls an army together when it’s on the board. For the Wood Elves it’s going to be red. The Treeman has red leaves, which he will have in common with the dryads. My Rangers are going to have red scarves and gems. Let’s hope it will work! I guess we’ll find out next week.




Tale of One Gamer: Week One


Hello gentle readers! Lovely to speak to you again, it’s been a while I know. I’m afraid I’ve been becoming an adult. I’ve purchased a house and then been crying every night with the amount of work involved. But don’t worry, it’s almost over so let’s get involved with my new regular article.

So what is “tale of one gamer”? Well it’s a format that, I believe, the Games Workshop publication “White Dwarf” started in the 90’s. You might be surprised to hear that a lot of players involved with miniature wargame hobby won’t have a completely finished army. I’m embarrassed to admit I have more unfinished armies than I do finished. a lot more! But the idea of this format is that a group of players start new armies together and encourage and support each other. The standard set up is that you decide a points limit, then write an army list and month by month you all paint an agreed amount.

So why have I suddenly decided to do this? Well two things really. One, is that the new Woods Elves are stunning, really stunning! Two, is that a friend of mine is running his first tournament in September and I really want to go. It seems it’s meant to be!

How will this article work? Each week I will try to get a unit painted. And show it off to all you lovely people.

I’ve decided to go for a winter look the army. The common colour schemes with WE’s is autumn browns and greens, so I decided to go for something a bit different so have decided on blues and greys. I also love the tree spirits in the army so have gone for quite a few of them. Even though in the meta they aren’t great. But I’m after a great looking army. Not the best on the game.

I’ve waffled on for quite enough now so here’s my Treeman so far. Still needs work but I’m happy. I’m looking to get this finished by next Tuesday. Let me know what you think. Then I will start my first 10 Wyldwood Rangers.

                            photo 2              photo 1



(feature image: “Wood Elves” Copyright Games Workshop)