Age Of SigBrah! Episode 2: so-so Solo

This week’s episode is a solo recording by Gary. He talks about the new Age Of Sigmar hardback, the two new pieces of Age Of Sigmar terrain and our new community painting blog.

So what’s this community painting blog? I hear that hundreds of time a day*.

What we want to build is a friendly, creative modelling environment. With the rise of Age Of Sigmar, we can all enjoy peoples new hobby projects. From re-basing to whole new armies, there’s so much to enjoy at the moment. We want it all in one place, with everyone involved. That’s why the Instablog was created.

Using hashtags we are able to create a multiplatform blog that anyone who wants the be involved, can be. Even if you don’t use Instagram, which I would advise you try as it seems to be a very friendly environment, you can use the same hash tag for Twitter.

So how do you join in? Simply at @lost_lighthouse with your hobby progress and mini message and add the following #tllinstablog & #ageofsigmar or #AoS. Then people can use those hashtags to see your work.

I’ll be starting from Saturday, so come join me and let’s have happy hobbying.

Download this episode (right click and save)

Twitter and Instagram: @lost_lighthouse


*possibly 3