Double Feature: Legendary (Marvel) & Legendary Captain America 75th Anniversary Expansion 

Welcome back everyone. I’ve been extremely busy here at Hennessey Heights so I’m sorry this hasn’t been out sooner. Today we take a look at the mega cool Captain America 75th Anniversary expansion for Upper Deck’s & Devin Low’s Legendary, but I thought we would cover the base game a little bit first. For simplicities sake whenever I write “Legendary” I’m referring to Marvel Legendary, as there are quite a few base versions available. 

Legendary is great for a few reasons. For one, deck builders tend to be quite hard work and if you get your “engine” wrong at the beginning then it tends to be an uphill battle against the other players. Legendary counters this is in a couple of ways, it’s cooperative, so all the players are working together, and it’s rules, in my opinion, chooses fun and laid back vibes over a super in-depth complicated system. You can also set the difficulty with which ever villain you choose to fight. 

As a simple summary, in Legendary you each gradually build your decks with better, more powerful Marvel heroes. As a team you have to try and stop the “Mastermind” from taking over the city. Turn by turn more lower grade villains start appearing in the city locations on the board, causing havoc until they eventually escape. Your job is to defeat these villains before they escape, possibly with innocent people, while building up a strong enough team to punch the mastermind in his smug face. 

I have to say there’re deck builders I prefer, but in different ways. Legendary I would happily crack out for people new to deck builders or board games in general. The simplicity makes it a great “beer and pretzels” game, and I don’t think there’re many deck builders you can say about that. Let’s face it, the fact it is Marvel is also a massive draw, there’s so many cool characters to choose from as well, I tried to collect as many of Deadpool as possible I will proudly say.

The game isn’t without it’s issues. It takes more time than you’d hope to set up as you have SO many cards and they tend to fall out of place in the box if you store the game up-right, but those are minor things. So I can definitely recommend Legendary if you want a light hearted, co-op, deck builder, but if want something with more meat, maybe choose something else.  

So as almost a double feature, we have the Captain America 75th Anniversary expansion. I’m not going to get into how good the cards are game wise too much in this article as I love the artwork too much not to give it the limelight. 

What. The. Hell.

First up, the heroes you get are an awesome addition to the base game. Agent X-13, Captain America (Falcon), Captain America 1941 and Winter Soldier all look really cool. The Steve Rogers, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D cards are a bit underwhelming to me, and almost out of place in an expansion where the art is stellar! The Masterminds included are Arnim Zola and Baron Heinrich Zemo. Both solid choices from the Cap series, their henchmen are super cool as well with Zola’s creations being a menagerie of perverted science and Zemo’s Masters of Evil (WWII). 

The main attraction for me is the old school artwork. While playing, it’s great to really soak in the original building blocks of modern super heroes. As much as I enjoy the artwork of the more modern stylised cards, you get this type in the base game so it’s nice for a different look. I’d preferred it if all the cards were in this 1940’s look but that’s just my preference. 


All in all a great addition to Legendary: A Marvel deck building game. 

Captain America 75th Anniversary Expansion RRP 17.99

Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game RRP 49.99