The Lost Lighthouse: The Weekly Rapture 5 – Two Fingers

Good day ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to The Weekly Rapture, brought to you by The Lost Lighthouse. This week we discuss anniversary editions of games, pointless video game films, and the many upcoming X-Men films and how many times Hugh Jackman is going to play Wolverine, while Adam boasts about his holiday and decides that a lot of the films released last year weren’t that great, and Gary tries to start a Kickstarter to buy people presents, mainly because he can’t afford to do it himself having wasted all his money on other Kickstarters.

Our main talking point this week was board games and the best examples of fun games to get into. We (mostly Gary, being out resident board game guy) chat about the gateway games to introduce some friends to, and what our favourite games are.

If you have any thoughts. questions or opinions anything this week you can as always get in touch through Facebook or on Twitter @lost_lighthouse, email us at or sound off in the ‘leave a reply’ box at the bottom of the podcast page on the website.

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MERCS: Welcome To The Cause

So we return to posts about the different wargames we enjoy. In this post I’m going to talk about MERCS. Me and a few friends discovered MERCS at Salute. Well it all started by me seeing a battle foam bag I really liked and that tuned out to be a bag designed for MERCS.

After taking a look at the minis and the rulebook we decided to take the plunge and buy a faction each. The background story behind MERCS, in a nut shell, is that countries and their borders have dissolved and now massive corporations dictate the borders and their territory. The full history can be found on their website. One friend bought the CCC, the American based faction. They’re an all rounder of a unit. They have nano armour that repairs itself and some great weaponry! A solid first choice. Another chose the Sefadu. An African unit that relies on speed and maneuverability. I choose the FCC which are a freedom fighter movement. They rely on quick moves from cover to cover and automatic fire weapons. The also have a grenade launcher that is a nightmare, which often keeps the enemy in check.

I think the first thing that grabs me is the artwork. Just look at it! Simply amazing. I love the comic book feel to it all.


MERCS is a tabletop 32mm skirmish game. The main difference between MERCS and other skirmish games is that there is no tape measure needed. Each character has a card detailing their equipment, armour, stats and special abilities. The card also has grooves that fit the models base in it and the character moves the distance of the card or several depending on the models stats etc. It’s a hard thing to explain in a short space but it’s really unique.

ErK0GXnGYv816EJH3fWORZlVs3KNOmEwJuHDRTbbCw=w326-h217-p-noThe game itself has a strong following in America and Australia but not so much in the UK. If you get a chance for an intro game I’d give it a go. I really enjoy the game, though I would say looks a little rules heavy to begin with but they are quite intuitive. It does have a clever system where you introduce certain rules after a couple of games so you get the basics secure.

I’m not going to give it a score or a rating but I’ll simple say I enjoy the game and will definitely keep playing it.

As an added extra the company that makes this game is also raising funds for MERCS:Recon. A MERCS based board game which can be found here.


The Lost Lighthouse Reviews: Eldritch Horror

Name: Eldritch Horror
Players: 1-8
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Tagline: “A Board Game Of Global Mystery”

So, this was probably one of the most anticipated board games of the year. It’s pretty much a squeal to one of FFGs most successful titles, Arkham Horror. A quick run down of Arkham Horror: you and a team of investigators solve “mysteries” around the fictional town of Arkham, trying to slay monsters and close gates. All in a desperate bid to prevent an eldritch god from consuming our world.

Where Arkham Horror was set in one place, Eldritch Horror is a global affair. The first thing you can tell when opening the box is that, once again, FFG is giving you a lot of bang for your buck. It’s bursting with great components and the card style is simply superb. The board itself is presented very nicely and it even includes a useful legend for travel routes. You also get a quick reference guide for anything you might get stuck on mid-game. This is a great idea! Through play testing they have clearly found points in the game where you might get a tad confused and supplied this to help keep the game going at a fast pace.

Eldritch HorrorThe game itself seems to me like Arkham Horror with slimmed lined rules and a slightly faster pace. You are against the clock to save the world, in this case the clock is the well named “doom track”. You also have a cool “omen track” which dictates exactly how f**ked you are! The main aim is to solve 3 “mystery” cards, I like these a lot. They really add to the narrative. The game play is spilt into 3 phases: the action phase, the encounter phase and the mythos phase.

In phase one you perform actions like travel, buying items, resting etc. In phase two you have an “encounter”. This is my favourite phase, FFG have done amazingly here. Depending on where you are on the map you have a specific encounter for that location, and there are a lot! Very cool. Phase 3 is the mythos phase. This is where the bad stuff happens! This can be anything from gates spawning, monsters appearing, the omen chart changing and the doom track counting down!

Now, did I enjoy it? I hate to use a cliche but it’s not you, it’s me. I think I want more out of this game. At some points I had lots of fun but during most of it I found I was just going through the motions: move here, pick up a card, roll some dice, move here, pick up a card, roll some dice. Maybe I was just having a off day. There are two mechanics I hate in this game, and I really mean HATE! The first of which is the “delayed” mechanic. If you get “delayed” you basically miss you next turn, all games can be improved by losing the “miss a go mechanic”. The worst thing though is that, at points, this game encourages you to become delayed by giving you reward if you do so! The second thing I hate is very occasionally, depending on cards you draw, if you fail a test you may have to shuffle a solved mystery back in the deck! Bear in mind these mysteries can take around an hour to solve if you’re not doing well.

I feel I’m putting too much of a negative vibe into this review. I do enjoy this game. The problem is it’s a very narrative game, why is this a problem? If your players really dig the Lovecraftian mythos etched into this game then it’s not, what so ever. In fact it’s a good thing. But if you are playing with people who don’t know their Yog-Sothoth from their Dunwich horror then the narrative won’t impact on them nearly as much. Also I would not want to play with more then 4 players, maybe 5-6 if they are experienced with the game. On the plus side you can go globe trotting with a bull whip and a bottle of whiskey! Who doesn’t want that?!

Overall I would recommend this game if you enjoy anything Lovecraft. If you don’t then maybe try something else.


The Lost Lighthouse: Weekly Rapture Ep.4 The Episode We Mention Jizz A Lot


Hello faithful listeners. We sent Adam to Vegas and gave him all the money we’ve made from the website so far (£0) and we’re hoping he can, at minimum, triple it! For this reason I’m afraid he’s absent for this episode. Fear not though, as we have recruited podcast veteran Chris Tomlin to fill in for him.

We kind of discuss Titanfall, Terry Crews as a possible Luke Cage and the shit-hot shortlist for the new Dr Doom. We also discuss the Guild Ball Kickstarter.

The main talking point this week is our top 3 inventions from games, TV and Film that we want in real life.

I’d like to make a point of saying this is an extra explicit podcast and we say the word “jizz” A LOT! What can I say, Chris brings out the worst/best in me.

To check out The Black Sun Guild Ball episode here and to check out The Black Sun podcast click here

The Weekly Rapture Ep.4

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The Lost Lighthouse

More Than One Million People Didn’t Need a Burn Heal!

If you have seen the news recently, or you may decided to look at some news because you were bored at work, you may have stumbled onto a new internet social/gaming experiment entitled “Twitch Plays Pokemon.” No doubt you’ve heard of it, but if not, it is simply an online version of Pokemon Red, but with a twist.

You start in a chat room and basically there are 2 modes of gameplay. Democracy gameplay is where each player inputs a command over a 30 second period and the key with most votes is inputted into the game. However when Anarchy gameplay starts, any key that is pressed is inputted into the game, allowing for a mass amount of chaos.

As you can see, it looks like a giant clusterf**k of people just hitting in commands in order to complete the game, but eventually it was completed. However it wasn’t an easy process due to the amount of absolute assholes who started playing and thought it would be funny to make the gameplay more difficult.  Asshole might be an understatement when you consider the following occurred:

  1. People jumping off  ledges during the long maze areas of the game
  2. Bloody Sunday where 12 Pokemon got released
  3. Repeated use of the start command and using items that really weren’t necessary
  4. Constant use of the Pokedex
  5. Constant saving

I know some of the above may not seem too much of a problem but seriously people, releasing 12 Pokemon? What the actual fuck? That’s 2 teams of Pokemon. You people who call yourself “Trolls” and think it’s funny are just fuckheads. You even released the starter Pokemon! A level 34 Charmeleon! He was 2 levels away from being a Charizard!? Charizard is one of the best Pokemon in the game. He flies and breathes fire. I hope you’re all ashamed of yourselves and you quietly die in a hole.

Maybe a bit over the top, but nevertheless, the trolls probably did die in their respective holes as the game was completed. It proves the gaming world is full assholes but eventually, with enough perseverance, gamers can rally together and finish one of the greatest games ever made.

If I’m honest, I wish I had the opportunity to take part in this experiment, but luckily the anonymous designer has applied the same idea to Pokemon Crystal. I will having a crack at that and make a valid attempt at completing it as my life plan is to not die in a hole.

Review: Tom Baker’s Ultimate Sci-fi Quiz

So, I was the lucky competition winner. Last year I won Welcome to Rapture’s competition to win the truly spectacular Tom Baker’s Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz (with a note at the bottom telling me it has a “Galaxy of Clips and Images”). Damn I felt lucky! After many months of chasing, begging and threatening they finally sent it out to me… Last week. Now is my chance to sit down and see what I think! But I won’t be selfish with this, I feel bad for having robbed the rest of the listeners of this DVD quiz, so I’ll finish rambling and get on with a review of it!

It begins with a generic looking alien race (weird how aliens can look ‘generic’ but they are the green, featureless big eyed martian type). They tell me that this quiz will push my feeble brain to the limits. I am trembling with anticipation.

I am immediately faced with a problem. There is a two player mode! Of course my girlfriend has no interest in this and think it’s a waste of time (I’ll show her!), so I think I’ll have to miss out on the opportunity to share this experience with someone else directly for now.

One player mode is go. So the aim of the game is to answer questions, apparently right answers power my ship and move me towards Earth.

Appearance wise my spaceship already looks pretty phallic. I guess my character is over compensating for something?

Tom Baker did the intro, his voice is of course pretty majestic. My ship, AKA Amy is now trying to boss me into taking the quiz. She also insults you when you answer something incorrectly. I feel my self-esteem shattering by the second.

So the gameplay revolves around answering questions within a time limit. Then a clip seems to play, one of them had dinosaurs, so that was cool.

Well the first section was Literature, other than the Jurassic Park question the only ones I got right I did through blind luck. I am way out of my depth on this one. I pretty much nailed the Crazy Science section. My favourite answer was to the question “Why does the Terminatrix have the advantage over the Terminator?” “Because she has large breasts?” Hearing Tom Baker say Large Breasts is now in my top 3 sound bits ever. I hopped around the other sections and answered what I could, each one is virtually the same as the others of course.

In the end, it seems my casual sci-fi knowledge fell just short of getting me home safely. I died just short of Earth, 2,000 lightyears (two right answers). To be fair, if I had noticed the second page of categories relating to more modern things I’ve actually watched or read then maybe I would have made it. But no, I’m just doomed to drift into nothingness forever, with Amy… sigh….

Overall, this DVD quiz was certainly an experience. It took half an hour to finish, although I don’t think I’ve still got the best out of it having not tried to two player mode. For that I’ll need a volunteer! Once I’ve found a victim we’ll give it a play through and give a second review, I’m sure you’ll all be right on the edge of your seats, brimming with excitement and anticipation until then! Overall I’ll give this a three brain slug rating.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back with more articles later!


I don’t know who these Welcome To Rapture clowns are, but they sound like jerks!

The Lost Lighthouse: The Weekly Rapture 3 – The Floods

Welcome again folks to The Weekly Rapture, brought to you by The Lost Lighthouse. This week we discuss Batman: Arkham Knight, Paddington Bear for some reason, our general indifference to the Transformers 4 trailer and the exiting news that we are finally getting those hoverboards we were promised, while Adam buys a lot of things and Gary deals with the floods.
Our main talking point this week was the Mass Effect series from Bioware. We talk about why we love the games, the most enjoyable sections, our favourite (and least favourite) characters and why choosing the female Commander Shepard is the only logical choice. We also touch on the end of the trilogy (without spoilers) and the outcry that led to Bioware releasing the ‘Extended Cut’ ending.
If you have any thoughts. questions or opinions anything this week you can as always get in touch through Facebook or on Twitter @lost_lighthouse, email us at or sound off in the ‘leave a reply’ box at the bottom of the podcast page on the website.

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