Age Of SigBrah Ep.31: Billy Claw Raiders

Welcome weary travellers

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In today’s episode we mainly cover #Raw16 an amazing narrative (for some) event where your lowly aspirant committed acts of heroism to become a legend of the 8 (well, 5) realms. Search #Raw16 on twitter for loads of amazing photos.



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Age Of SigBrah Ep.24: #Warammerz

Welcome weary travelers
In today’s episode Gary may have accidently ended their sponsorship with Mierce, please stay with us!

Andy has 3 turns in a row with his stardust geckos, Gary chats Bossfest and the worst raffle ever put on.

Also included: Rain of Stars build up, new releases, ghouls and more!

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Age Of SigBrah Ep.20: This Could Have Gone Better

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Hello everyone. This episode is a mess! You have been warned.

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Gaming For The Busy: Why Tournaments Are The Answer


Our old ‘friend’ and Avenger fanboy Jan Novak runs us through his favourite game for a busy lifestyle

I am a very busy person, I have a full time job, I keep a house and a young family to contend with. Gone are the days of me spending hours painting up little figures ready for a whole weekend of pushing them round and making ‘pew pew’ noises. Sadly, I simply don’t have the time to dedicate myself to this sort of endeavour anymore.

Having taken some time off after the birth of my first child, I decided the time was right for me to get back into gaming. I needed a good dose of geek, surrounded by like-minded, socially awkward brethren. My first task in this new chapter of my life was to find a game that I wanted to play which would be suitable. I immediately wrote off playing a game such as Warhammer, where I would need to paint up a whole army before I could jump in and get involved. I’d never really played card games like Magic the Gathering, so this was also pushed to the back of the queue. After much deliberation I settled on X-Wing, the miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games which has been reviewed briefly by Gary on this very site.

I played a few games at home with some friends on evenings after work, really enjoyed myself but came to the realisation that this really wasn’t scratching the itch I had for some hardcore geekery. Then, I did it, I plunged myself in at the deep end and signed myself up for a tournament. It was this decision that changed my gaming life forever. I nervously went along to the event, a whole hour drive away from my home, horrendously underprepared and expecting the worse.

What happened? I got absolutely smashed in my first two games but actually learned how to play the bloody game, taught by a couple of lovely and friendly opponents. My third game was a bit closer and the last two games I actually won! None of this really matters though because I had experienced the shot in the arm I needed, the itch had been scratched and I was whole again.

In essence, what I had achieved was finding a way to play geeky games within the context of my normal life. I was able to fit a whole five games of X-Wing in one day which I wouldn’t ordinarily get to do in a whole month! All of this was also achieved with near-zero preparation which is a massive draw for me as a busy person. I’m not advocating this as a ‘one show fits all’ solution to gaming for the busy but it has definitely worked for me. I now regularly attend X-Wing tournaments and am loving it. I’m finding that the short, concentrated burst of gaming events provide fit perfectly into my lifestyle.