Tale Of 40K Gamers Ep.9: Rolls Like Drazhar


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Welcome back everyone! Today Aaron, Gary and Jan talk about their hobby progress (failures), the 2nd campaign weekend and a 4-way carnage game they had.

The Tale Of 40K Gamers Ep.8: Worst Episode Of Anything, Ever (Rad Robots)


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Today, Gary and Chris talk a lot of sh*t. We mean a lot! We kind of cover Cult Mechanicus, tactical objective cards, Salute, Dom’s mum and more!

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The Tale Of 40K Gamers: Matt Clarke’s Space Wolves Month One

I’ve always had a soft spot for Space Wolves, but never actually wanted collect them myself so I’m always happy when someone else does!

My highlight has to be Nigel The Wizard, who has become a bit of celebrity in our campaign.

Wolf Lord: Black Death; runic armour; bolt pistol 150

Rune Priest 60

Murderfang 135
Drop Pod 35

5 Grey Hunters: 4× close combat weapon; plasma gun; Wolf Guard Pack Leader (storm bolter; frost sword) 128
5 Blood Claws: Wolf Guard Pack Leader (storm shield; frost axe) 105

5 Fenrisian Wolves 40

2 Long Fangs: plasma cannon; lascannon; + 1 Long Fang Ancient (plasma gun) 95

748 points

The Tale Of 40k Gamers Ep.5: The Dog Strangler

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Todays episode we have Gary, The peoples champion Chris Tomlin and, in his first appearance, Matt Lyons.
While there were no real plans for the show, we’ve somehow pulled one together.
We talk about our hobby log, terrain,how Chris is mental, how Gary looks like a murderous special needs person and Matt does a world class Jan impression.
I can’t remember what else, just have a listen!


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#TO40KGS Episode 4 Subs Over Dubs


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Pew pew pew mother truckers! Welcome back for instalment 4 of theTale Of 40k Gamers. With you today is Aaron, Gary and Jan.

In this episode we talk about our hobby progress and the approaching deadlines, the amazing new Harlequins products (available from Element Games), and a review for the awesome Fat Mats from Frontline gaming! You can pick these awesome mats up from the Frontline Gaming website. We end with Q&A’s as always. In this episode in particular, Jan’s voice is very quiet. We believe he may be concerned a yew tree agent is listening and may recognise his voice.

Email: Thelostlighthouse@live.co.uk

Twiter: @lost_lighthouse

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thelostlighouse 

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Tale Of 40k Gamers: Matt Lyons Month One


First out the gate is Matt and his Blood Angels

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So congratulations to Matthew Lyons for being the first person to complete their 750pt list, and what an awesome force he’s produced. I know this was Matt’s first adventure into airbrushing and wow, it looks great. It’s the little things that I love about Matt’s army, stuff like the blue effect on the power weapons and the purple purity seals.

Cassor The Damned

Cassor The Damned


The Crimson Tide

The Crimson Tide


Captain Karlaen

Captain Karlaen

So let’s get to the nitty gritty, here’s his army list and fluff!

To: Chief Archiver designation XVIIIVI, Baal

Received: 999.M4I

From: Scribe Adept designation VVXI

Message Format: Telepathic

Subject: Chronicle of Insertion Force; Crimson Haze

Thought of the Day: Wisdom is the beginning of fear

Priority: Ultra High

Honoured Archiver; herein lies the initial chronicle following the glorious deeds of Insertion Force; Crimson Haze.

Upon the command of Commander (commanders, command right?) Dante himself (long may the emperors light shine on him, so his hair looks shiny and magnificent) Captain Karlaen, following his heroic feats during recent campaigns against the Tyrands (vile xenos spawn, yucky… and the tongues! Eurghhh)  was tasked with creating a strike force for an important task; reclaim an ancient technology that (again!) could prove the cure to the red thirst.




Upon choosing the members of his elite strike choice (I personally believe 1 of everything that looked cool at the time). The Strike Cruiser; Crimson Tide set sail (Ahoy!) for the Corous Sub-Sector (I believe named after a pre-emperor beer). Upon arrival on the rim (oo-err) of the sector it became quickly apparent that the Insertion Force was not the only interested party in the newly emerged worlds. In an attempt to approach our projected insertion point the crew of the Crimson Tide pulled all the blinds down on the windows (took hours, thousands of the damn things), turned off the hallway lights and oiled all the armour joints (god, the creaking, you have no idea what it’s like. Can barely frakking sleep) and prepared to slip into the sub sector through the back door.

Insertion Force; Crimson Haze


Captain Karlaen – 160

Blood Angel Captain, Terminator Armour, Stormbolter, Hammer of Baal (Master-Crafted Thunder Hammer), Iron Halo.

Warlord Trait (Strategic Genius)


Raphen’s Death Company – 210

5 Death Company Space Marines with Jump packs, Thunder Hammer (Raphen), Power Fist, Power Sword, Inferno Pistol

Cassor The Damned – 140

Death Company Dreadnought, Blood Talons, Stormbolter, Meltagun, Magna-grapple, searchlight


5 Terminators,

Heavy Flamer, Cyclone Missile Launcher, and Chainfist

745 points

The Tale Of 40k Gamers Ep3: Bird Crap & Super Lube



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We’ve made it! Episode 3! Thanks for the great response from all of you. First off we apologise for the sound quality. I used a travel mic and I keep on touching it like a Goram fool! Better next time we promise. So this week we have:

– Harlequins
– Necrons
– New Forge World Stuff
– Hobby Logs
– Battle Reports

And more! If you would like to contact us at:

Email: thelostlighthouse.live.co.uk


Twitter: @lost_lighthouse

To all those joining us on the tale, everything’s looking great! Remember to pick up all your swag from Element Games!

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Tale Of 40k Gamers S2 Ep2: Obilerators DTF


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Pew pew pew mother fuckers!

We are back with Ep2! This week we have Dom Hook and Matt Clarke joining Gary and Aaron. We talk the normal crap in the beginning and then get onto our army lists. So who brings the filth and who brings the fluff? You’ll have to listen and find out. Dom also slams Jam at the last moment!

Remember to check out the black sun podcast for more gaming fun

Please use the #TO40KGs hash tag for all your hobby progress during the tale.

Feel free to contact us at thelostlighthouse@live.co.uk, twitter @lost_lighthouse and Facebook.com/thelostlighthouse.

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