The Great Video Game to Film Transition Curse

Nath ponders why video game to film adaptations are so awful.

As many of you know, most if not all video game to film transitions basically suck. They’re awful and I could’ve used the time I had to do something more meaningful like have a glass of scotch, see how quickly paint dries or catch up on sleep, something a lot more interesting. But it dawned on me, why hasn’t anyone made a good video game film yet?

I understand it is very difficult to condense hours and hours of gameplay and storyline into a 90 minute to 2 hour film, but still at least put some effort into it. I have tried my best to watch some video game films but some are truly awful. If you think there are some that are worth a mention then by all means let me know because I am struggling. Also Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Final Fantasy: Advent Children don’t count because they aren’t based on video games. They are in the same universe yes, but they are not based on a game. Here are a few that get a mention of being terrible


It pains me to this on the list a I’m such a Doom fan boy and that it has Karl Urban (Bones in Star Trek and Judge Dredd in Dredd) and the Rock (the Rock Bottom and the People’s Elbow) in it, but they got the entire plot wrong. Doom is based on monsters escaping from hell and causing havoc, mayhem and carnage. This version of Doom is some sort of werewolf thing where as soon as you get struck by the monster, you turn into it. There is one saving grace which is where you see the film in first person mode, I admit I enjoyed that, but the rest of it is awful.




I remember a conversation with Adam when I said I would give this film a go and he said straight up “No, it will be terrible.” And he was wrong, so very very wrong. It is absolutely atrocious. The storyline was completely wrong and the characters were terrible too. the portrayal of Kazuya was awful and Kazuya is a great character. Also the Iron Fist tournament was changed. Why would you do that, that was the basis for Tekken. Idiots.



Resident Evil

I will probably get some stick for this, but I’m not a huge fan of the Resident Evil movies. They are nothing like the games. Although the plot is solid and it does keep some of the basic gameplay and storyline, I don’t like the twist they have taken. Also the sequels were pretty terrible too and Nemesis was terrible. Nemesis is supposed to cause absolute carnage and he doesn’t. Again, why change that?



Max Payne

To begin with I thought this would be epic, Mark Wahlberg was the best choice as he’s always angry, the storyline was pretty basic but could be easily transitioned. Good action scenes and great cast throughout. So what ruined it? Well they didn’t stick to the storyline and why did they bring the demon stuff into it. Last time I played Max Payne there was nothing to do with demons. Unless I am completely wrong. Can someone inform me otherwise?


However, could there hope on the horizon? Let’s face it, comic book movies started off quite badly as well. There was Batman and Robin (George Clooney’s nipple suit) there was Superman Returns (Brandon Routh, oh dear) and the Fantastic 4 (need I say more) however we then got Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. The comic book movies exploded because everyone saw the potential, so is it the same for video game movies? There are a few future releases to keep an eye out for.


A game based on World of Warcraft. Could be a riot, there’s some stars in it already, Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark) is in it, could be a good one but I’m not holding my breath.

Metal Gear Solid

This is a dangerous one because the game has a very intense storyline, albeit a fantastic one. To be honest the 4th one is like a film anyway. Still not a lot of details about this, but apparently Hideo Kojima will be involved which is some good news at least.

Shadow of the Colossus

Now this would be interesting. A truly amazing game being turned into a film. Kevin Misher (The Scorpian King, The Interpreter) is in line to produce and Seth Lochhead (Hanna) will write the script. Again could be amazing or it could terrible, lets hope for the first one.

Assassins Creed

Now then this is where the heat kicks up a notch. Ubisoft have created Ubisoft Motion Pictures and apparently Michael Fassbender will star and co-produce the film. Scott Frank (Minority Report, The Wolverine) is rewriting the script and we are looking at a release December 2016. Ubisoft are literally throwing everything at this so I think we can be pretty excited by it. Probably the only film we can be excited about. Could this be the film that breaks the curse? Only time will tell, but lets hope this will work.


Industry Spotlight: Katsuhiro Harada

Kii turns her keen eye to various members of the gaming industry

In this segment I will highlight people in the games industry that I feel people should give a shit about. It could be developers, artists, professional players and even Let’s Play hosts. Whatever strikes my fancy because I hold all the power (ha).

This month I would like to focus on Katsuhiro Harada, the head behind Tekken and Project Soul (Soulcalibur). The reason I like Harada so much is that he doesn’t take the piss like so many Triple A developers can do these days. The video games industry is at a turn which has put many developers on edge, with free-to-play games becoming giants they seek to cover lost revenue in different ways. Many have begun to favour more unsavoury means of doing this, for example paid on disc DLC (A huge peeve of mine, I’m looking at you Capcom) and pay-to-win multiplayer strategies. However, Harada is different and thus is a hero.

Harada has made it known that he doesn’t like the idea of DLC. When his games are released they are complete. The exception to this was Tekken Tag 2 which launched with a few characters still in development, Harada issued an apology for this and the characters were patched into the game entirely free at a later date. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t extra ways to make money out of Tekken but everything that you can give Harada your hard earned cash for isn’t necessary for a complete experience of the game. Using Tekken Tag 2 as an example, the pay for items were the character movies and music from every previous Tekken game and silly costume items for the playable characters. Costume packs for characters were also on sale as it’s purely a cosmetic choice if you would like Jin Kazama in a swimsuit (I do) and the fact that the Big Bikini Bundle wasn’t restricted to the female characters made this little feminist giddy with equality glee.

Harada seems to care about his fans and his characters and thus treats both with respect. There is a reason he climbed from an arcade promoter to director of two of Namco’s strongest franchises. He’s happy to have a bit of fun and has a good sense of humour which is easily seen in the ‘fights’ he had with Capcom’s Oda on the run up to the release of Street Fighter X Tekken. So, if you like beat ‘em ups I urge you to support Harada’s games as he’s a dude.