The Lost Lighthouse Review: The Flock Box


I’m super excited about this review! I’ve had it in the pocket for a while and I think it’s the right time to post it. With Age Of Sigmar hitting the scene, a lot of people are deciding to swap to round bases. I think this is the right choice, armies look so much better on rounds, especially the new oval cavalry bases! The Flock Box from Warpainter can help you my friends.

Now, I’ve always wanted to use static grass in a cool way but found just plonking it on the base gives an undesirable effect.

Tufts are another great option, but you are restricted by what colours and styles companies are making. Thankfully the awesome folks at have created a machine that allows you to make your own tufts! The process is incredible simple and affordable.

You have two options when you use the Flock Box. The first is to put some glue on your finished models base and hold it over the Flock Box, resulting in the flock being pulled up on the base. The second is to prepare some silicone paper with spots of pva and holding that over. Essentially creating your own sheets of tufts, but with any colours you want!

I’ve decided to focus on the second option as I think it works best for 28mm models and higher. The first option seems best for smaller sized models with games like Flames Of War and Dropzone Commander.

With the Flock Box you are supplied with all the leads needed to get going.

This is the process I used but you are supplied with instructions with the Flock Box.

1.I put down some news paper as the static grass can scatter a bit during the process. Place the Flock Box in the middle and connect the supplied leads.

2. I decided to use a large wallpaper scraper as my platform for sticking the silicone paper to. I then squeezed small blobs of pva/wood glue onto the paper. Id suggest using a little bit less than I did in the photo.


3. Scatter the static grass onto the Flock Box.
4. Turn on the Flock Box, connect the metal crocodile clip to the scraper and place the scraper over the Flock Box, a few inches above it. You will then see the magic as the static grass is pulled up onto to paper. I’d move the scraper around to get and even tufts.


I managed to make these in about 5 mins!

After they dry, then you can just peel them off like you would with standard tufts.


The finished tufts in use on my Vampire Counts army.

I genuinely love the process as it means I can create any “flavour” of tuft I want.

I’d highly suggest picking one up for yourself. Follow this link to go straight to’s eBay page.

We were supplied a sample Flock Box for this review.