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Welcome back to The Weekly Rapture, our fortnightly pop culture news and reviews podcast!

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Big News

This week we chat about the new Black Panther and New Mutants trailers, the predictable Han Solo film title, NeoGAF and the closure of Visceral Games.

Screentime – Top 5s

As this is our 100th episode, we decided to do something a little different and go through some of our favourite films, games and books! We argue about which Alien film is better, and try to out-do each other on pretentious book choices. We both lose.

Nathan also passed on some of his top 5s!

TV Shows
5 – Dexter – Dark series about a psycho vigilante
4 – 30 Rock – From start to finish, absolutely fantastic and hilarious all the way through
3 – Scrubs – One of the funniest comedies to ever grace the small screen
2 – Death Note – In my opinion, the best anime series ever
1 – Game of Thrones – The only show I watch religiously without fail
5 – Snatch – Brilliant London gangster film, I say far too many quotes from this film
4 – Sin City – Love how in sync it is with the comics and portrayed it perfectly onto the big screen
3 – Shaun of the Dead – Was hard to choose this or Hot Fuzz, but this RomZomCom is an absolute cult classic
2 – Empire Strikes Back – Best Star Wars film hands down
1 – Scarface – Love this film, Pacino is amazing in it, story is great and the ending is brilliant
5 – Bloodborne – Completely and utterly immersed in the game like no other games has managed.
4 – Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver – Seriously underrated game, but one of the best stories and voice acting of the Playstation era
3 – Doom – Classic FPS of the 90’s, can still pick it up today and enjoy myself
2 – Chrono Trigger – Another underrated game, may have the storyline of any RPG, but the battle sequences were so advanced for the era
1 – Final Fantasy 7 – Love this game, storyline is amazing, gameplay was fantastic, I hope the reboot doesn’t disappoint


And here are Kii’s Top 5 games!

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
This crossover came out of no where. Like wtf are you doing no where but holy hell it works. It works so well and it has no right to. It’s an accessible XCOM style game with stunning graphics and world building. The Nintendo and Ubisoft characters somehow blend together seamlessly to make some great comedy. The first thing I bought on my Switch.

Final Fantasy XIV
I have quite literally spent the best part of my gaming time of the past two and half years running around Eorzea. An MMO with tonnes of flexibility and the impeccable artwork and design of Final Fantasy. I also get to save the world whilst riding a really fat Chocobo.

Mass Effect 2
My first in the series and always my favourite. I loved all the characters on the ship, so much so I’ve named eight guinea pigs after crew members.
Stardew Valley
Adorable farming game where you try to become besties with villagers whilst attempting to grow the most epic crops. Many hours spent trying to get the ‘optimum’ farm layout.
Animal Crossing
Pretty much any of them but mostly New Leaf. Tom Nook has me by the balls and I’m a sucker for anything I can arrange furniture in. Cue emotional attachment to adorable animal villagers to the point of, if Goldie ever moves out of my town I will rage quit and cry.


Now Playing – Reading/Watching/Playing

Adam  Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman/Dear White People on Netflix/Destiny 2 on PS4
Ian Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence/Nothing/Destiny 2 on PS4 and Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch

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Stardew Valley: Farming Crack Simulator


A more chilled out stream this week where we play my latest addiction; Stardew Valley. Stardew is a farming game from a one man team with influences from other crack-addict gamings such as Harvest Moon. It’s utterly delightful and I can’t stop playing. If you’re weak of will and empty of pocket, maybe skip this one…