The Lost Lighthouse Xmas Top 10 Board Games Part 1


With Xmas quickly approaching, we decided to put together our top 10 board games, we think, that would make anyone’s Christmas a little brighter.

We’ve tried to keep the price point low, with a lot of the game hitting the £20 mark or lower .

So put away Cluedo and move aside Monopoly, Christmas has a new main event!

10) Escape. The Curse Of The Temple

This was one of my intros into modern board gaming and it’s awesome! You play adventures seeking treasure in an crumbling temple. You can only move to rooms by rolling the right combo. But what makes this game great is you are restricted to a time limit! There’s a CD you play and if you don’t find enough treasure in time, you are locked in the temple for ever! Each game is only 10mins and you can have 1-5 players.

9) Loony Quest

I’m not sure what I love more about Loony Quest, the art or the game mechanics! The game is based round imitating a computer game. You are all characters trying to compete in a famous game to crown the new king. As players you have a tile in the middle of the board and each of you have a transparent sheet and a marker. Depending on the mission you ether have to draw a route, place a dot, or circles objectives. Then you each, in turn, place your transparent sheet onto the centre tile to see if your lines mark a safe route, eliminate a target or gain extra bonuses while avoiding pitfalls and obstacles. Most likely you will hit everything other than what you were aiming for! This is normally followed by loud cheers and lots of laughing. An extra amazing thing in Loony Quest is you can unlock perks which help you in game, or traps that make the game harder for other players! Including banana peels and a pesky mosquitoe! With a game length of 20 mins and player count of 2-5, this will be a hit for sure!

8) Machi Koro

Full review here

Machi Koro has been sweeping up awards since it’s release, even before it’s English translation. Machi Koro is as simple as it gets, with it’s roll & earn formula. You are all racing to build your own town, winner is who ever builds the 4 landmarks first. You roll a dice, see if it matches any of your buildings, if it does, you earn money. But that explanation does not do this game the credit it deserves. Since adding this to my collection I’ve played it constantly! With it’s 2-4 player count and 15min game time, you’ll be able to get a good few games of this in over Xmas!

7) Hey! That’s my fish

Full review here

Want a great game, at a good price point that also has amazing penguins in it? Then look no further madam! Hey! That’s my fish has to be one of the simplistic, yet enjoyable games available. You simply have to collect as many fish as possible while trying to get isolated on a list ice berg. With an easy and quick to learn rules set and quick game length we highly recommend Hey! That’s my fish.

6) Sheriff of Nottingham

Full review here

Fancy a bit of bluffing? What to try and sneak some contraband pepper past grandma? Then Sheriff of Nottingham is for you! Possibly the simplest rules set for a bluffing game, you play traders trying to get through customs, but each turn someone plays the Sheriff and gas to guess wether you are trying to sneak some illegal goods through. If he’s right, you pay him a fine, if he’s wrong, he pays you!

Well that’s our first 5! Please check out any of the links to learn more about the games. We happily recommend them all.

Turn in next weds for our top 5


The Lost Lighthouse Reviews: Sheriff Of Nottingham


Publishers: Arcane Wonders

Designers: Sergio Halaban & Andre Zatz

Plays: 1-5

Run Time: 60 Minutes 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a board game review. To be honest, I’d over done it. Board game, after board game. Buying a game, playing it once, then throwing on the shelf with the overs, in pursuit of the next one that would change my life! So I calmed it down. I introduced a “one in, one out” policy. It was so I would really appreciate the games I had and also stop my spending curve!

Wow! That was a long way round to get to the point I wanted to make. Sheriff Of Nottingham had to be on my shelf! I won’t tell you what poor game I sold to make room for this gem (Ticket To Ride The Card Game) but let me tell you right off, it was worth it.

Sheriff Of Nottingham is primarily a bluffing game, but Arcane Wonders have come at it with a different angle. Not only do you get to try to lie to your friends, square in the face, you can also, just, pay them off!

You are all merchants trying to get goods through the sheriff’s customs office. Some legal, some not so. It’s completely up to you what you want to try to sneak in. Play it safe and stock up on apples, or be one of those rogue traders trying to sneak some illegal pepper through! You bastards and your illegal pepper, I don’t want any of that muck in my city! Just plain old boring food for me please.

I see that sneaky pepper!

             I See That Sneaky Pepper!

Each round of the game, players (merchants) have to pick some item cards up, decide what they want to put in their bag (closing the little popper on the bag is close to sexual) and passing it to the sheriff. Each turn there’s a different sheriff. When a merchant passes their bag to the sheriff, they have to look him or her square in the eye and tell them what’s in their bag (possibly “forgetting” that illegal pepper popped in). Then the sheriff has to decide wether or not to inspect the merchant’s goods (like you mum does most nights). If they find nothing illegal, then the sheriff has to pay the merchant’s a fine for holding them up, if they do have something illegal stuffed in their bag (like your mum on the other nights) then the merchant has to pay a fine to the sheriff. Who ever has the most assets (a combo of money and goods) at the end of the game, wins

He's A Royal Rooster And He Knows It.

He’s A Royal Rooster And He Knows It.

It’s as simple as that! The game lasts around an hour or quicker if the players have played before. Which means you can get two or three games of it in a night, or once as part of a multi-game night.

One thing that is a bit annoying in this game is calculating the points at the end, but thankfully you can download a really good free app that helps with this. I’d highly suggest doing that.

This is a great game. I love it. I think the main reason I love it (other than the sexual bags) is having to look a mate in the eyes and lie! Because I laugh every time. Wether I’m lying or not! I’d definitely pick it up.

If you like the sound of it then you can through Element Games for under £25!