Age Of SigBrah Ep.25: The Reverse Diesel

Welcome weary travellers


Mierce Miniatures. Mierce have some of, if not the, best AoS alternative miniatures. Their own game Darklands looks amazing and we also announce their next Kickstarter: Calvary!

Barnsley Models & Games. Our friend Karl runs a family hobby store sporting a combo of miniature wargaming and board gaming stock, and great customer service! Use the code “lighthouse” to get 10% off.

In episode 25 we welcome back one of the original hosts Aaron Bailey. We also have friend, new hobbyist and the 3rd member of Team SigBrah Tom Hewitt.

All 4 hosts went to Rain of Stars: a one day tournament using parts of the general’s handbook run by friend and star of The Blacksun Podcast Chris Tomlin.

We discuss our armies, the event, how we think the general handbook worked for matched play at an event and more.


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Music: The Neon Tigers



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