Age Of Sigbrah Ep.27: Cock-half

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Talking Points: Andy’s ghostly lizards, Gary’s rotten warriors, Warlords, Facehammer prep and SOOOOOOOO many questions and answers!

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The Tale Of 40K Gamers Month One: Aaron Bailey’s Death Guard

Aaron’s Death Guard are a testament to the power of washes and simple, effective techniques. Not to say there isn’t great work here, I love the colour choices Aaron has picked and the army is looking great!

As Cyphalys walked the bridge of the Terminus Est he reflected upon its appearance. It had never been a beautiful ship, even in its years as part of the imperium the Death Guard legion had shunned declaration, the ship had sported nothing but bare ceramite walls and plain plastcrete bulkheads.
The sons of Barbarus had never seen the need for any decoration or trophy display. A Death Guard Legionnaire’s reputation and the battle damage his armour displayed was enough to command the respect he deserved, no more, and certainly no less.
The bridge, and indeed the entire ship remained unlit, the inhabitants requiring no light source to carry out their duty, and with no civilian crew to speak of, the barge was mostly old, dark and silent.
Cyphalys’ heavy footfalls echoed around the cavernous room lingering a few seconds more than natural as he halted before the command throne.
“My lord, we have taken Veth undetected, and recon forces are on standby, ready to engage Jankatta at your command.”
Rasped the Aspiring Champion, apparently addressing only the throne in the darkness.
The throne’s unseen inhabitant replied;
“Very good. I will lead the strike force myself. Let us sow the seeds of terror once more.”
Army list;
 Typhus 230
 5 Plague Marines 140
Plague Champion; Melta Bombs.
Melta Gun. Veterans of the Long War.
5 Plague Marines 140
Plague Champion; Melta Bombs.
Melta Gun. Veterans of the Long War.
10 Plague Zombies 50
Cultist Champion
10 Plague Zombies 50
Cultist Champion
 Chaos Predator
Twin Linked Lascannon. Lascannon Sponsons.140
I also painted a daemon prince and a chaos spawn in case I rolled those results on the chaos boon table.