The Tabletop Project Ep.4: Kum Garage


In today’s episode Gary is joined by Chris Tomlin and they discuss what’s currently on thier hobby logs, boy does Chris have a big one! 

They also spend a little time taking about The Maul X and the pool choices they are taking, some of Gary’s are pure filth, another is a zombie dragon. They spend a longer than intended taking about their thoughts on the current state of Age Of Sigmar and the new game that has got a lot of their games group excited (it’s infinity) .

So sit down, light some candles, play this episode and grab your hobby log in your hand and start working on it. 

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Cheers you bunch of Slann-heads!

The Tale Of 40K Gamers: Ep 10 It’s All Just For Research Purposes


Sponsored by Element Games

Welcome back you sexy people! In today’s show Gary and Chris talk about their progress with general hobbying and how they feel with the Tale coming to a close.

Gary’s Mic flips out at about 18mins into the Ep. We have a break soon after to resolve it, so it only lasts about 10 mins. Quality as always.

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