Comic Review – Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (DC Comics/IDW)

Kit is taking over the weekly comic book review because Adam is in the unenviable position of attempting to finish off his PhD.

Warning: minor spoilers.

“THIS IS FOR MY PONY RACERS!!!” – Michelangelo

Holy childhood dream crossovers! Batman and the Ninja Turtles? As you can guess, my inner child could not say no to this issue. Which is also why this review may be coming out a little late… my DC digital comic app clunked out on me till 10 PM last night!

Right then… on with the review for Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (written by James Tynion IV and drawn by Freddie Williams II)… As you can see, this is one of those very fun, very non-canon crossovers that the major publishers love to churn out every now and then (I still have my copy of Batman vs Predator!). Honestly, these can often be sub-par. A fun idea, but nothing more. Still, the Turtles comics tend to review well and Batman is sky high in popularity these days, so what could go wrong?

Before I take this further though… if anyone’s seen the theory online the Ninja Turtles are cannon with Daredevil… which means Daredevil and this version of Batman are now loosely canon too? I say loosely, because of course the Ninja Turtles and Bats are not exactly from the same world. It seems our reptiles have somehow managed to wind up in another world, in a city full of crime where lone vigilantes roam the night. They of course fit right in.

batsturtlesThe comic opens up with the Foot Clan, also trapped in Gotham running a series of break-ins to steal high end tech. And guess who’s there to protect Gotham? Four turtles of course! They deal with the Foot Clan and vanish into the night. Meanwhile Alfred is giving Batman jip about another crazy project he’s getting involved in. This version of Alfred seriously likes to back-chat Bruce. It seems Damian is elsewhere and Bats is concerned about these meta-human mutants he thinks are behind the thefts. Guess who their next target is? Wayne Enterprises.

Meanwhile, Killer Croc is scouting the sewers, where he runs into a lair full of half eaten pizza and tech. He tries to call out the inhabitants, but they only react when he goes and breaks Mikey’s prized game. Then he finds out four turtles are apparently more than a match for one crocodile (plus some nameless henchmen…).

Bats goes to protect Wayne Industries and runs into an unfamiliar villain. The issue ends with a fight brewing, but the Shredder has already got away.

This is very much a set-up issue, there’s plenty of foreshadowing and the plot I’m sure will be fairly simple. However, it is also a hell of a lot of fun. The turtles are badass, though the whole Killer Croc bit feels like it’s just there to give the Turtles someone to beat on. The art by Williams II looks amazing on the Turtles… if maybe a little off on Bats occasionally. Overall the issue looks great, I just found one or two of Batman’s panels looked a little off.

Final Verdict

This is a simple one: do you want to see Batman and the Ninja Turtles in the same book? Then go get it. It won’t win any awards I imagine, but it’s a very fun romp and your inner child will love it.

Final Score – 8 Half-Shells out of 10!

DC Preview Review!

Kit has some opinions about what DC and WB have shown off from their upcoming cinematic universe. His opinions do not necessarily reflect those of TLL. Though we agree with most of them…

It seems DC have been getting themselves in gear lately to try to build up hype for their cinematic universe. Now I’m going to tell you what to think about it! Well, not really. More like give my own barely informed opinion based on pure speculation, a trailer and a few pictures. But that’s what the internet does with these things, right?

First things first, I’ll get my personal biases out in the open.

  1. I like both Marvel and DC
  2. I read both DC and Marvel comics on a weekly basis (and damn is Scott Snyder’s Batman excellent!)
  3. So far Marvel have a MUCH better film track record (I’ve enjoyed all of the MCU films so far)
  4. DC have made some good films, one truly outstanding one (The Dark Knight), have had some embarrassments (Green Lantern) and some which I really don’t understand why people like them (looking at you Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel)
  5. I am a fan of Batman (this may not come across in my article) I read the Batman comics and have enjoyed most of the Bat Family outings
  6. I think Ben Affleck will make a very good Batman
  7. I am one of the few Superman fans it seems are around in my generation
  8. I have only read three issues of the Suicide Squad.

OK, now that’s out of the way you should probably have a feel for where I stand on things.

Over the last couple of weeks DC have released their trailer for Batman Vs Superman. I may be a bit late to giving my opinion on this one, but it does help beef up the word count! This morning I woke up to pictures of the entire Suicide Squad, so my comments on this should be a bit more punctual!

On with the reviews….

The Suicide Squad

Suicide SquadAs I said before this is pure speculation, based mostly on this one picture and choice of actors. As I said I haven’t read much of the Suicide Squad, however I have encountered all of the character in other DC literature. To give you my abbreviated opinion:

Slipknot – Fine, Captain Boomerang – Fine, Enchantress – Fine, Katana – Awesome, Rick Flagg – Fine, Harley – Not what I expected but looks pretty cool, Deadshot – Fine, The Goomba from the 1993 Super Mario Bros Film – I wasn’t aware Nintendo were in on this? You’d think they’d have made a better contribution… and El Diablo – face looks cool, outfit… like an American college student?

I only have so many words to use here so I’ll give my opinion on three of the new looks:

  • Killer Croc

As you can see, I am no fan of Killer Croc’s look… I can see what they were trying to do, and the face itself looks OK, however where the hell is the rest of him?


I mean look, the defining features of Killer Croc – he’s freaking huge, he has scaley skin, massive shoulder and neck muscles, the teeth and the half nakedness. (OK, I suppose he still kinda looks like a goomba in some ways…) but this picture is much more intimidating, and it’s not even one of his more monstrous forms. I’m not sure what DC were trying to do with the new Killer Croc look other than ‘keep it more realistic’, which I don’t really see the point of. Bulk him up, add some animatronics or prosthetics or even CGI him like Marvel do with the Hulk. It would look much better than what DC produced.






That out of the way, onto two that I like…

  • Deadshot

So there seems to have been a bit of controversy over the choice of Will Smith as Deadshot. I think it’s a pretty good one actually. He’s been in a lot of good films over the years and now he’s older it could be a good fit for him. The outfit itself ticks all the boxes. I like it.

  • Harley Quinn

DC haven’t gone with the classic Black and Red onesie I think it would have been fun to see, but she still fits in! They’ve packed in a lot of personality to the costume and she does have the look of someone who was normal but lost it over time. I think Margot Robbie definitely looks the part here.

Overall I’m curious to see what DC do with this, I wouldn’t say I’m pumped for it exactly but it’s their try at tongue in cheeck. Could be good! I would add something about the Joker, but running out of space… to keep it quick – Leto is a great actor, it won’t be the same character as Ledger’s at all but that’s a good thing! He’ll probably be great.


Batman vs Superman


I’m running out of words here so I’ll sum things up quickly: meh…

OK, maybe a little more detail. I like Batman and Superman stories. I like some of the Batman Vs Superman stories (check out Red Son and Injustice). I’m not too big on The Dark Knight Returns though. From what I can tell in the trailer, Superman is being worshipped by people around the globe (interesting idea) and I guess it’s gone to his head? (Not so sure on this) and Batman has decided to kick his ass. And that’s it.

Hmm… I can see why DC are doing this, Batman’s popularity is huge these days and plenty of people will watch this. I just don’t see how a coherent Justice League can be founded on this. I WANT this film to surprise me, for the Batman vs Superman bit to not just be one and a half hours of build up follow by an hour of fighting like Man of Steel was. That was boring. If it were looking more like the Batman/Superman battle was in the first 45 minutes, then they realise they were both being manipulated by Lex Luthor and go deck him in the shnoz I would be more pumped. Batman and Superman have fought so much recently, and if Superman wanted to kill him Batman wouldn’t stand a chance (seriously, no amount of prep could stand up against a coin thrown at light speed or Superman just lasering him from space.. if you disagree with me tell me in the comments, this could be fun!).

I’m not worried about the actors, Ben Affleck is a great actor in serious roles (see Gone Girl and Argo).

I’ve always preferred the stories where their relationship is actually friendly. The eternal optimist in Superman and Batman being moody and dark.

Something more like this:

Please prove me wrong DC. But right now I’m not looking forward to many of your films.