The (Not So) Weekly Argument: What Game Would You Like to Play With Us?

The Lost Lighthouse will be hosting a game night! If you want to join in the festivities and play with a select number of weirdos instead of the random kind then let us know what game you fancy!

Guild Wars 2: Something’s gone awry

In the last segement of our World Train adventures, Kii, Fenton and Matto show you how to deal with a glitched out boss, something very on fire and a giant shadow demon. And no, we will never speak of that Jormag run ever again.

We’re now branching out into some Steam games for our next recording and we’re open to suggestions! If you’d like us to have a go at something then feel free to let us know via the comments, Facebook or Twitter. Also if you’re liking the content thus far drop us a like, favourite and/or subscribe to keep me warm at night. See you next time! Kii x

The Lost Lighthouse Plays: Shatterer and Frozen Maw

The many adventures of Kii, Fenton and Matto now take them into the jaws of even more gribbly things. This time, the trio take on the Shatterer and Frozen Maw bosses in Guild Wars 2.

As always, feel free to comment here or on the video whether you’d like us to play specific games or raids.

~ Kii

The Lost Lighthouse Plays: Guild Wars 2 Megadestroyer

A second video for our Youtube channel! Hurrah! Unfortunately the ‘crappy throat’ I complained about in the first video turned into the Black Death/Lung/Scurvy so there was a delay in recording more content. However! Myself, Fenton and our friendly Guild Member Matto set forth to destroy the Megadestroyer with destruction and stuff in this brand new installment of ‘Lighthouse Keepers dicking around in Guild Wars 2’.

Please let us know what you think, like comment and subscribe and all that jazz. I’m also totally open to suggestions so feel free to suggest a PC game (currently we don’t have a console capture card) or a walk through if there’s a bit of GW2 that you’re struggling with.

~ Kii x

What? The Lost Lighthouse is evolving? Press B to cancel!

Too late!! Welcome to an all new segment of The Lost Lighthouse! We now have a Youtube channel! We’ll be posting streams, Let’s Play content and possibly even videos of Adam angrily yelling at other commuters on the tube!

Our first video is my stream of The Claw of Jormag world boss battle in Guild Wars 2. I run you through what to expect from the clustering hell that is a multi-guild/raid sized boss so you’re not going in blind and also some tips on some sweet acheivement points.

Hope you enjoy and please subscribe! We’ll be upping the stream quality once Xsplit gets their shit together and lets me give them money.

~ Kii