Tale Of 40K Gamers Month Two: Jan Proudley’s Gray Knights


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Jan has written a great blog post this month so why listen to me!? Take it away, Jan!

Mission 1 defence of alpha prime

Darkness… Screams of the mad and dammed…..the sky swelling and bloated with green energies….. an insidious smile….

Captain Mikel awoke from his deep meditation In a self-made quarters in the space port. The comms flared to life “Captain Mikel?”, “this is brother Justicar Titus , the space port is completely clear and it seems we had no contact with this planets population since arrival.”

Mikel pondered this, the sight of his men in their Storm ravens should have solicited a response from the local population yet nothing? This was highly odd.

“keep trying to contact the local Loyalist forces within the hive, Inquisitor Johan told us that they could be relied on for support, especially as we are the only of part of the Imperial force to make a landing on Junkatta” said Mikel.

“I agree my lord” agreed Titus “ we should make ready our squads as soon as the Storm Ravens return and…… we have just detected movement outside the space port, looks like we have company, best get to the Command bunker Captain”

Mikel arrived at the command centre and it was in a buzz of activity, Justicar Titus turned around and greeted Mikel, the bulky form of his Terminator army easily distinguished against the backdrop of power armour.

“what do we have them Titus?” Commanded Mikel

“traitors my lord,they look like the hated Death Guard, they have brought a large group of plague victims to sacrifice” said Titus

“Look closer Titus, can you feel the dark energies pouring out of those wrenches? Those are plague zombies” said Mikel

looking at the screen Mikel saw another shadow and said,“We also have another unexpected guest, I still feel his darkness even if he tries to Shield himself, he must really want to get rid of us so he is coming.”

“Vox Kaine the Honoured one, we will have need of him” shouted Mikel as he left to come face to face with his foe.

As his men deployed into defensive positions And as the began the battle Mikel and his terminator bodyguard got onto the teleport pad. It didn’t take long for the tech marine to Input the position but it always made him antsy, he hated not being able to direct his troops as soon as he could but that was always the trade-off.

As the tech-marine gave him a nod a large light flashed in front of his eyes and  he was on the battlefield.

First thing Captain Mikel saw was a tide of dead putrid faces, with a calm voice he commanded over the Vox “ destroy the heretics!” Disciplined volleys cut through the ranks of zombies, the strike squad adding to the weight of fire until there was nothing left but puss filled mess.

Turning to face the rest of the enemy Mikel could feel the full dark corona of power be excluded by typhus as it took his full physic might combined with his squad to nullify the horrible cures.

The strain of holding back typhus was proving to much of a distraction and as they started to fall back behind cover a one of plague marine squad opened up and cut down half the squad including Titus, their holy Armour penetrated by bolt rounds which must have been blessed by typhus himself.

As Typhus marched closer he threw curse after curse the runes of protection grew hotter and Mikel knew he was closing in for the kill on his isolated unit.

Taking his only chance Mikel dashed out of cover and took up the psilencer from his dead bodyguard shortly before dived back into cover as corrupted bolt rounds sprayed against  the wall.

Mikel started channeling his psychic might into the core of the weapon as the weight of fire increased against the cover and the wall started shaking as something heavy was approaching

“Brother Devos, how goes the battle?” Enquired Mikel over the vox, “things arnt looking good, my strike squad is engaged in a firefight with a Traitor squad, but a chaos predator has arrived, The Honoured brother Cain is pinning it with his plasma cannon.” Shouted Justicar Devos.

The core of the psilencer was buzzing with psychic might but it would need more, he knew that he was pushing it beyond its normal limits but he had too.

The beast was only a few meters away, whispering a prayer to the Emperor, Mikel stepped out of cover locking eyes with the Typhus time slowed, his hand extending painfully slow to throw a deadly bolt of dark energy but Mikel was quicker, with a single though a gigantic bolt of energy explode forward as the gun exploded in his hand.

For the first time Mikel saw fear in Typhus’s eyes as the massive bolt of pulsing white energy stuck him hard in the chest causing holy flames to engulf him, Typhus roared in pain then disappeared as his fell god reached out to save his favoured son.

A warning shout came from behind as Mikel turned to see the Chaos Predator was in full view, it was damaged but the weapons trailed on him looked still active.

As the barrels of the gun began to glow Mikel had seconds and using all the strength he had left he changed everything into a force field, The Lascannon bolts struck hard but were ultimately deflected.

As blood flowed from his eyes and nose he knew the strain was too much, Mikel collapsed just to his knees as the barrels stared to glow, the last thing he saw was the tank erupting in flames as a bolt of plasma melted straight through the hull.

Month 1

Hello everyone, this month I have been painting my Storm Raven, as much as I love painting the model because of the flat surfaces I could not glaze the entire model.

To counter this I made sure to glaze sections separately and then I mixed my silvers with lamia glaze to go over the messy parts and it came out well.

My favourite  part of the model is actually the base, I loved the pillar as the flying stand and I think it helps really make the model look like a real centre point for my army.

Playing Aaron was fun as always and was close right till the end but I stole the win. I’m really looking forward to playing the others and seeing how their army’s develop.

See you guys next month.


The Tale Of 40K Gamers Month One: Jan’s Gray Knights

I’m afraid this being late is my fault, but it’s here now. Jan chose Gray Knights as his army, which may seem a simple paint job but looks can be very deceiving. One of the highlights in Jan’s army for me is the force weapons.

Looking around Mikal  could see he was on a battlefield, piles of corpses piled waist deep and the sky was the deep colour of blood.

The battlefield was silent apart from carrion fluttering and feeding on the dead but that soon changed as in the in the distance the sound of battle carried over to his ears.

Looking for the source he soon found it, firstly a blue beast on 4 legs, with a thick coat of fur and _ yellow eyes. The second was a red skinned creature with golden wings, a large halo and large menacing teeth. The third one was a giant green shadow stretching a hundred feet high who’s body squirmed and moved but the most disturbing thing was the horrible smile it gave as it fought the other two.

Mikel felt the overwhelming urge to save the two beings and broke into a run but to his horror the ground around him became fleshy and he started to sink, he struggled and pulled but nothing could be done and he slowly sank into the ground.

The last thing Mikel saw was the horrible green being crushing the golden red being and breaking the spine of the blue being before slowly turning his smiling gaze to Mikel.

Mikel awoke with a gasp, his twin hearts beating rapidly and sweat poring off his brow.

“Another vision?” Though Mikel as he donned his tunic, having visions wasn’t that unusual especially during his rare experience of being a Prognosticar in the Augurium, but to do so in his own chambers with such clarity was unusual.

Before he could think more on this an urgent summons from Grand master Drystann Cromm came through on his personal Vox and he knew how the Grand Master didn’t like to wait.

As Mikel arrived at Grand Masters chambers in the 4th brotherhood hall, clothed in his terminator armour he saw the figure of Drystann Cromm talking seriously to a human he didn’t know.

“Ahh Mikel, may I introduce inquisitor Tobias Grimm of the Ordo Malleus” introduced Drystann, the human nodded to Mikel  “ and may I introduce Mikel Corvin, Brother captain of the 4th brotherhood. Now please be seated”

As everyone sat down Drystann continued “we have had reports that the warp storms around Corvus sub sector have started to dissipate, now normally that wouldn’t be a situation for us but the Prognosticar’s have been having been seeing images of a great darkness returning for the first time since the emperor walked the earth.”

“Now Tobias here was one of the first to set foot in the system and has created a lot of local connections with those sill loyal to the imperium on the first few worlds, please work with him to find and stop those who would aid in its return?”

“yes Grand master” said Mikel