The Lost Lighthouse Reviews: Flick ‘Em Up

There’s a snake in my boot! Sorry, that’s my last Toy Story reference (probably). As we continue with some awesome dexterity games, it would be a crime to miss out Flick ‘Em Up. So grab your Stetson, stick on a western playlist and flex your digits, you’re about do some serious flicking!  

Seriously, how cool does this game look!?

Flick ‘Em Up  was a huge hit last year with its plush wooden “you know I’m worth it” box, and it was. But now Z-Man have released a plastic version, with a massively reduced price to boot. Only a few games in my life have been fun to punch and put together, and placing little rings on plastic cowboys gets included in that. It can also play 2-10 players! 

When it comes to rules, dexterity games thankfully tend to be quite light on them, meaning they are great for cracking out when you have people round who are new to gaming or have trouble picking up complicated rules. 

It’s not looking good for the Sheriff

The core rules behind Flick ‘Em Up are these: meeples activate one at a time between the teams. Once activated your meeple can ether move or shoot, or one of those twice. To move, you simple place the movement disc in contact with your meeple and flick it. As long as it doesn’t touch anything you then place your meeple where the disc ended up. If it does touch something it counts as a failed move and nothing happens, wasting the action. To shoot, you place the bullet disc next to your meeple and flick it, trying to hit an opposing players meeple. If they topple over they have been wounded and take a heart token. What makes shooting harder is all the debris in the way, and friendly players! If you hit a team mate, they take a wound!

There’s lots of extra cool rules for duelling, entering shops and throwing dynamite! One of my favourite extra pieces is the rifle counter, which basically let’s you “aim” your bullet when you shoot which is useful for people like me who can’t hit a barn door. The rule book comes with lots of missions to play through, with extra rules being added as you go. 

We really enjoyed Flick ‘Em Up. It’s nice to see my board game collection slowly lose the time draining non interaction hard-core strategy games, and quick, fun, light hearted games that has everyone talking to each other like, this take their place. Whether that’s just a shift for me, or the community in general I’m unsure but I know when I see a batch of new releases, it’s games like Flick ‘Em Up that catches my eye! 
Flick ‘Em Up retails at 32.99 RRP. 

Next week we’ll be looking at Red Rock Tomahawk, Flick ‘Em Ups awesome Native American expansion!