Comic Book Movies We’d Like To See – DC Edition

Our pal Kit sometimes write for the site! This is one of those times.

So this article is mainly going to be me just throwing some ideas out there for, like the title says, some comic book films I’d like to see and why. One small caveat to get out of the way first though: I am completely unqualified to do this in any real capacity, my opinion is no more valid than an eight-year-old’s who want to see a film about Spider-Man fighting ninja dinosaurs. Wait. That sounds awesome. I’ll do three of these articles (unless I get ideas for more!) – this one for DC, one for Marvel and one for Image or Dark Horse.

Anyway, as you may have guessed by some of my other articles so far I’ve been much more a fan of the Marvel movies than the DC ones. When it comes down to it Marvel have done a much better job at producing films I’m the target audience of: relatively close to the comic books, able to have a bit of fun and usually a bit tongue in cheek and plenty of kick ass action. DC have stuck with the dark and gritty narrative, which works well for Batman (plus villains), but that’s about it unless you take the heroes in a very different direction. To be fair they did try something more ‘fun’ with the Green Lantern and look where that left them. Even so, with this in mind, these are the films I’d like to see DC produce:

  • Harley Quinn and the Joker

Harley and Joker 1

If you’re like me you may not be too keen on the way Harley’s looking in the Suicide Squad. Her costume makes her look like that nurse on the front cover of that Blink 182 album and so far the promotions have hinted at a ditzy blonde. What I’d like to see in this case is DC go right into the deep end of dark and gritty to tell the original story of how Dr Harleen Quinzel and the Joker became lovers.

harley and joker 2

Set in Arkham Asylum we’d see the young criminal psychiatrist Dr Quinzel start out working in the Asylum. We’d see her interest in the criminally insane drive her to working with more and more extreme patients, until she meets the worst of them all, the one who’s driven past psychiatrists and carers to insanity or suicide, the Joker. She begins working with him and learns well, how he got those scars! At least, how he says he did. He paints her a tragic back story and she begins to think she can ‘fix’ him. Bit by bit it feels like she’s making progress, but instead he’s been working away at her, eating away at her sanity and drawing her in more and more. Eventually he tells her how special she is to him and that’s it. She loves him. She breaks him out and if you want to throw in a Bat-cameo, now’s the perfect time! They battle him and eventually lose. The Joker betraying the now Harley Quinn to get away. She herself is now taken to Arkham Asylum, fully integrated into the Harley Quinn persona, angry and swearing revenge on the man she loved. In the final scene she finds a single flower and a note from the Joker. She opens it and for the final line of the film she simply says “I love you Mr J” or something to that effect.

This would need to be a full blown psychological thriller of course. Less fighting, more watching somebody’s mind unravel.

  • Superman Red Son

red son 4

Superman goes evil and begins to take over the world or be worshipped as a god so Bats comes out to teach him a lesson? Boring. Superman lands in the Soviet Union, not Kansas, and as his powers develop is he is brought into Stalin’s inner circle to rise up and become ultimate embodiment of communist ideology to rule Russia, and bit by bit, the world? Now that sounds interesting. This is a fantastic comic, I doubt it’d ever reach the screens of Hollywood, but it would be an excellent way to give you something a bit different for the original superhero so many now just find boring. And you know what? You can even throw in Cossack Batman for good measure. This would be a more traditional Superman film, with the ideology flipped on its head. Superman is personification of Communism, Soviet Justice and the Russian way and Lex Luthor is the American hero desperately trying to come up with a plan to stop him.

Red son 1

This is one of my favourite Superman stories, the comic is fantastic so check that out as this is unlikely to ever hit the big screen.

  • Wonder Woman

ww 1

Seriously DC. Get on with this, and do it well. Wonder Woman is a fantastic character. Read the Blood and Guts volumes in the DC New 52 initial run. Wonder Woman is at her best when the gender politics are put aside and instead of writing the usual patronising story of a ‘strong independent woman trying to prove herself in man’s world’ she does what she does best: kick the crap through the pantheon of Ancient Greek gods and monsters. There’s plenty of literature to give motivation for story arcs as well, as it turns out most of the Greek gods tended to be assholes who spent most of their free time backstabbing each other or setting monsters loose… for reasons… Let’s have Ares lead a war against Hades, or Poseidon battle it out with Gaia or hell. Or it turns out Zeus put his dick in something he shouldn’t have and shenanigans ensue (about 80% of Greek myths start this way).

WW 2

As we know DC do have plans for a Wonder Woman film in the works, which I really want to be good. We’ll have to wait and see I suppose.


I’ll leave it there with an element of each of DC’s trinity there. Joker and Harley from the Batman mythos, a fresh take on Supes and actually starting Wonder Woman. Other films I’d love to see for DC:

  • Batman and Robin. But good this time (and no, his name is not Robin, that’s his title. Get it right).
  • The Martian Manhunter.
  • Nightwing
  • Black Canary

Let me know what you think! Anything you’d like to see DC do? Anything you wouldn’t? Anything you like or dislike in my suggestions?

Next time round I’ll have a go at Marvel!