Dice Masters: World’s Finest


Oh my, that’s right, I’m back! After many months of wedding prep, saving and of course the actual wedding, I’m ready to type again.
I was very kindly supplied with a few Dice Masters box samples, but sadly at the peak of wedding chaos, so I’d like to apologise for not getting to these sooner.

For a recap on the game mechanics please see my first article on Dice Masters.

So Dice Masters has gone on from strength to strength since my last article, my gaming skill has not! It’s not about winning for me anymore it’s about putting together cool teams and, in all honestly, some pretty dice. But that’s good right? It must show the appeal of the game that it hits so many buttons.

World’s finest, a 2 player starter set, definitely does hit the correct buttons for me. After the some what, or massive, disappointment of Batman vs. Superman it’s nice to see Wizkids can get it right. The artwork is amazing. My personal favourites being Harvey Bullock and the classic art of Call To Actions.

Who’s not a donut enthusiast?

The dice also don’t let the set down. With all the releases so far you’d expect the quality designs and colours to diminish but there’s no evidence of that here. The Superman die is a surperb marbed blue and white, while it’s impossible not to love Harvey Bullock’s donut die!

Game play wise, World’s Finest offers lots of cheap characters, something I feel the starter sets before lacked. That alone, combined with the RRP of £16.99, makes it worth adding to your collection, beginner or not.

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We were supplied a copy of the game for this review.


The Lost Lighthouse Reviews: Dice Masters The Amazing Spider-Man

So it happened. I tried to stop it. Tried really hard, but the fever has taken me. The fever being Dice Masters!

I can’t help it, honest. At first I reviewed the War Of Light DC starter get which can be found here. It was great, but as I stated in the review, I’m not bothered about DC, I’m a Marvel boy. So when I got The Amazing Spider-Man starter set, I was addicted!


The art work is incredible, they have chosen some great pieces, I like that they have really captured the spirit of Spider-Man. I’ve always been a massive fan of Spider-Man, particularly the 90’s animation, and this set is a must for any other fans. The dice are, as always, great quality and the cards are as you come to expect. If you play a lot I’d advise sleeving them. In the set you get the standard 44 custom dice, 38 cards and 2 dice bags. People seem to rage on the dice bags but I quite like them! The art is nice and I’d rather them supply them than not!

There are some awesome choices for teams, wether you’re going hero, villain or a mix. As with all the Dice Masters starter sets, it has some super useful cards. One my favourite players so far have been Silver Sable, with a decent stat line, the ability to do damage to your opponent and give you life back, she’s a must in all my Spidey teams.


We also get a few new team emblems. One for Spidey friends, there’s lots for synergy in the starter set for this and one for the Sinister 6, a super villain team.

I must say though, my favourite thing about Spider-Man are the iconic villains. Carnage being my all time favourite, sadly his dice is pink and purple! Not red and black as I was hoping, but oh well. I think my aim will be to create the sinister 6 villain team. You have to do this through boosters, but I’m not complaining at £1 a pop.

I’m sure you will be getting lots more Dice Masters articles from me in the new year as me and my friends delve further and deeper into the game. You can purchase the starter set for the RRP of £16.99


Also available are The Amazing Spiderman play mat and dice bag. Both are very high quality so why not treat the Spidey in your life with all three this Xmas!