Dice Masters: World’s Finest


Oh my, that’s right, I’m back! After many months of wedding prep, saving and of course the actual wedding, I’m ready to type again.
I was very kindly supplied with a few Dice Masters box samples, but sadly at the peak of wedding chaos, so I’d like to apologise for not getting to these sooner.

For a recap on the game mechanics please see my first article on Dice Masters.

So Dice Masters has gone on from strength to strength since my last article, my gaming skill has not! It’s not about winning for me anymore it’s about putting together cool teams and, in all honestly, some pretty dice. But that’s good right? It must show the appeal of the game that it hits so many buttons.

World’s finest, a 2 player starter set, definitely does hit the correct buttons for me. After the some what, or massive, disappointment of Batman vs. Superman it’s nice to see Wizkids can get it right. The artwork is amazing. My personal favourites being Harvey Bullock and the classic art of Call To Actions.

Who’s not a donut enthusiast?

The dice also don’t let the set down. With all the releases so far you’d expect the quality designs and colours to diminish but there’s no evidence of that here. The Superman die is a surperb marbed blue and white, while it’s impossible not to love Harvey Bullock’s donut die!

Game play wise, World’s Finest offers lots of cheap characters, something I feel the starter sets before lacked. That alone, combined with the RRP of £16.99, makes it worth adding to your collection, beginner or not.

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We were supplied a copy of the game for this review.