The Lost Lighthouse Reviews: Ice Cool

So, looking for a new game? Maybe a dexterity game? With penguins…with bow ties!  If like me, you answered yes to all of those questions then Ice Cool is the game for you. 

There’s so many fun elements of Ice Cool, the game board is even made up from the box itself. You peg all the interior boxes together to make a sliping and sliding school.
The rules are super simple. If 3-4 players are involved, 2-3 of you are runners and 1 of you is the catcher. The runners get to make one flick during a turn, and their aim is to get completely through a doorway with their coloured fish above it. If they make it, they take their coloured fish and take a card from the draw pile. Each card is labeled 1 to 3 points. The catcher has to flick their penguin, bump into the other penguins and take their hall pass, giving him/her access to the draw pile. The round ends when one runner has all their fish or the catcher has everyone’s hall pass. The game ends once everyone has been the Catcher. Then points are added up and the highest  score wins. Those are the rules, but they aren’t the game. Not by long shot. The game comes from laughing so hard when your friend’s about to win by flicking a penguin two inches through a doorway,  but ends up fluffing it and flicks him half way across the room instead! 

The penguin play pieces are awesome. Just the way they move and wobble is great to watch.  Beware though,  if your cat’s like Monty, he’ll want to get involved! Setup is incredibly quick so you can start flicking right away. 

Brain Gomez and Brain Games have produced a game that has ticked every box on my “great game” list: lots of dexterity, gets people animated and up on their feet, and makes people rethink what a board game is or what they can be. 

If you want a quick game that all the family can enjoy, including the cat, then pick up Ice Cool. Also if I didn’t mention…they have bow ties! 

RRP £29.99