Indie Comic Review – Tragic Tales of Horrere Halloween Special

Our pal Kit reviews comics for us! This is one of those reviews.

Warning: minor spoilers.

“Octopus, are you digging for clams?”

Another indie comic, issuing this a day or two later than would be ideal (entirely my bad, it’s been a busy period!) but this time it’s the Tragic Tales of Horrore – Halloween Special. Why this one? Because Halloween is awesome, I love horror and should try to get some more horror comics reviewed and this issue happens to treat us to three horror stories. This comic is bought to us by:

The Quiescent:

Writer – Michael Sambrook and Robin Jones

Artist – Joe Becci

The three stories in this issue each have a different approach to horror. The first, The Quiescent is a tongue in cheek tale of an old man visiting an old friend, who appears to have fallen to some kind of Lovecraftian monstrosity. The art in this is of a very high quality, the greyscale and line work provides a black and white TV show feel which fits with the aesthetic of the setting – sometime around the 1800s or so. While its clear what the plot will be in the first couple of pages the narrative is delivered in an entertaining way with the art supporting it well. One criticism I had is with the lettering – while I understand and very much like the choice of a font which looks like handwriting to fit with a journal being written as an internal monologue the specific font chosen made occasional words a little unclear as to what they were meant to be.

Octopus & Raven

Writer and Artist – Matt Pringle

The second story is an interaction between two spirits, Octopus and Crow, observed by three Native Americans. I like the exploration of horror within a different cultural context than European/American (USA) and while the conversation between Octopus and Crow has a very limited verity of words much more of their interaction is in expression and body language. I found the use of three observers and their apparent indifference to the skeptical an interesting choice as well, showing perhaps an acceptance of the natural world and the way it will always be. The art is good, its simpler than in The Quiescent which fits with the simplicity of the story being told.

Do You Want To See?

Writer – Michael Sambrook and Robin Jones

Artist – Alexa Renee

Finally there’s Do You Want To See? The tale of three bored kids giving into curiosity to explore a mysterious cave and are tempted in by some strange travelers. The interactions of the kids is fun and feels pretty real. I couldn’t quite gauge when this is meant to be set – the outfits of the travelers being very different to those of the kids but the tension was there and the imagery of the horror was great. I did like the use of lettering, particularly when things step up a gear.

Final Verdict

This is a great way to keep in the horror spirit now Halloween is over. I’d suggest picking it up here