The Lost Lighthouse Reviews: Forbidden Stars

“This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a whimper”. Now, T.S. Elliot was a smart cookie, but he got it wrong here. The (many) worlds will end with a metric f**k ton of Orks, Chaos, Marines and Eldar ripping them apart with orbital bombardments. On the grim, dark future, there is no whimpering!

Forbidden Stars, where do I start? I could say “amazing components, exquisite board, and a great rules set” but when it comes to Fantasy Flight Games, it tends to be a given. Forbidden Stars is all those things and more, don’t get me wrong. The game pieces look like they could perfectly fit into epic or battlefleet gothic. FFG are not letting down the 40k license, they are representing! I particularly like the “titan” sized pieces.


Oh, I almost forgot the board. You know I saying everything in this game is beautiful? Well the tiles are even nicer! They look like a wonderfully painted star chart. Almost too whimsical for the 40k universe.


Now lets not praise this game too much, it has its flaws, but all games do. With FFGs recent 2 book system (one for the core rules, the other for referencing in-game), the initial read through can be a bit arduous. Over all I like the 2 book system for longevity but doesn’t do much for the first game. Secondly, to me the combat system seems a bit fractured. Trying to explain it to people was the most difficult part. Again, after a few actual combats it sinks in and works. Sadly, messing up your first few combats might screw you over for the rest of the game, and it’s not a short game at that! But I’m nit-picking. I do love this game.

The game is split into 3 phases. The planning phase, the operation phase and the refresh phase.

The planning phase is pretty self explanatory. Each player plans their moves for phase two. You do this by selecting one of your order tiles and placing it on a tile. The cool bit is, someone else can place there order on top of yours. Meaning you can’t resolve your order until they resolve their one that’s on top. Evan player puts down 4 order tiles, you get two copies of each order.

Order consist of the following (I’ve written a very basic summary):

1) Deploy. You build units, then structures. Structures include factories (you need these to build units), bastions (fortifications to help you hold worlds) and cities (needed to make the bigger and more killinger units!)

2) Strategize. Lets you upgrade your orders and improve your combat deck

3) Dominate. You harvest any assets your friendly worlds have. Such as extra money, reinforcements and forge tokens (you need these to build to best two units). You also get to activate your special faction power.

4) Advance. This is your move order. I found movement to be a little confusing at first, but after a couple of games I got it. Basically, if worlds are adjacent your troops can move to them. But if there is a void section (open space) you need to have a friendly ship in that space to allow them to move through it.

The Refresh phase sees you collecting materiel (Forbidden Stars currency), rallying units and, the coolest bit, moving the warp storms. These little strips of hell can make or break your plans! No units can move through them, so they may stop your invasion in a heart beat.

Your aim for the game is to pick up little objective tokens (which is the first step of the refresh phase). If you pick up as many as there are players, you win the game.


I highly recommend this game. It’s awesome! Even if you’re not a fan of the 40k universe, it’s worth it!


The Tale Of 40K Gamers: Ep 10 It’s All Just For Research Purposes


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Welcome back you sexy people! In today’s show Gary and Chris talk about their progress with general hobbying and how they feel with the Tale coming to a close.

Gary’s Mic flips out at about 18mins into the Ep. We have a break soon after to resolve it, so it only lasts about 10 mins. Quality as always.

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Tale Of 40K Gamers Ep.9: Rolls Like Drazhar


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Welcome back everyone! Today Aaron, Gary and Jan talk about their hobby progress (failures), the 2nd campaign weekend and a 4-way carnage game they had.

Tale Of 40K Gamers Month Two: Jan Proudley’s Gray Knights


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Jan has written a great blog post this month so why listen to me!? Take it away, Jan!

Mission 1 defence of alpha prime

Darkness… Screams of the mad and dammed…..the sky swelling and bloated with green energies….. an insidious smile….

Captain Mikel awoke from his deep meditation In a self-made quarters in the space port. The comms flared to life “Captain Mikel?”, “this is brother Justicar Titus , the space port is completely clear and it seems we had no contact with this planets population since arrival.”

Mikel pondered this, the sight of his men in their Storm ravens should have solicited a response from the local population yet nothing? This was highly odd.

“keep trying to contact the local Loyalist forces within the hive, Inquisitor Johan told us that they could be relied on for support, especially as we are the only of part of the Imperial force to make a landing on Junkatta” said Mikel.

“I agree my lord” agreed Titus “ we should make ready our squads as soon as the Storm Ravens return and…… we have just detected movement outside the space port, looks like we have company, best get to the Command bunker Captain”

Mikel arrived at the command centre and it was in a buzz of activity, Justicar Titus turned around and greeted Mikel, the bulky form of his Terminator army easily distinguished against the backdrop of power armour.

“what do we have them Titus?” Commanded Mikel

“traitors my lord,they look like the hated Death Guard, they have brought a large group of plague victims to sacrifice” said Titus

“Look closer Titus, can you feel the dark energies pouring out of those wrenches? Those are plague zombies” said Mikel

looking at the screen Mikel saw another shadow and said,“We also have another unexpected guest, I still feel his darkness even if he tries to Shield himself, he must really want to get rid of us so he is coming.”

“Vox Kaine the Honoured one, we will have need of him” shouted Mikel as he left to come face to face with his foe.

As his men deployed into defensive positions And as the began the battle Mikel and his terminator bodyguard got onto the teleport pad. It didn’t take long for the tech marine to Input the position but it always made him antsy, he hated not being able to direct his troops as soon as he could but that was always the trade-off.

As the tech-marine gave him a nod a large light flashed in front of his eyes and  he was on the battlefield.

First thing Captain Mikel saw was a tide of dead putrid faces, with a calm voice he commanded over the Vox “ destroy the heretics!” Disciplined volleys cut through the ranks of zombies, the strike squad adding to the weight of fire until there was nothing left but puss filled mess.

Turning to face the rest of the enemy Mikel could feel the full dark corona of power be excluded by typhus as it took his full physic might combined with his squad to nullify the horrible cures.

The strain of holding back typhus was proving to much of a distraction and as they started to fall back behind cover a one of plague marine squad opened up and cut down half the squad including Titus, their holy Armour penetrated by bolt rounds which must have been blessed by typhus himself.

As Typhus marched closer he threw curse after curse the runes of protection grew hotter and Mikel knew he was closing in for the kill on his isolated unit.

Taking his only chance Mikel dashed out of cover and took up the psilencer from his dead bodyguard shortly before dived back into cover as corrupted bolt rounds sprayed against  the wall.

Mikel started channeling his psychic might into the core of the weapon as the weight of fire increased against the cover and the wall started shaking as something heavy was approaching

“Brother Devos, how goes the battle?” Enquired Mikel over the vox, “things arnt looking good, my strike squad is engaged in a firefight with a Traitor squad, but a chaos predator has arrived, The Honoured brother Cain is pinning it with his plasma cannon.” Shouted Justicar Devos.

The core of the psilencer was buzzing with psychic might but it would need more, he knew that he was pushing it beyond its normal limits but he had too.

The beast was only a few meters away, whispering a prayer to the Emperor, Mikel stepped out of cover locking eyes with the Typhus time slowed, his hand extending painfully slow to throw a deadly bolt of dark energy but Mikel was quicker, with a single though a gigantic bolt of energy explode forward as the gun exploded in his hand.

For the first time Mikel saw fear in Typhus’s eyes as the massive bolt of pulsing white energy stuck him hard in the chest causing holy flames to engulf him, Typhus roared in pain then disappeared as his fell god reached out to save his favoured son.

A warning shout came from behind as Mikel turned to see the Chaos Predator was in full view, it was damaged but the weapons trailed on him looked still active.

As the barrels of the gun began to glow Mikel had seconds and using all the strength he had left he changed everything into a force field, The Lascannon bolts struck hard but were ultimately deflected.

As blood flowed from his eyes and nose he knew the strain was too much, Mikel collapsed just to his knees as the barrels stared to glow, the last thing he saw was the tank erupting in flames as a bolt of plasma melted straight through the hull.

Month 1

Hello everyone, this month I have been painting my Storm Raven, as much as I love painting the model because of the flat surfaces I could not glaze the entire model.

To counter this I made sure to glaze sections separately and then I mixed my silvers with lamia glaze to go over the messy parts and it came out well.

My favourite  part of the model is actually the base, I loved the pillar as the flying stand and I think it helps really make the model look like a real centre point for my army.

Playing Aaron was fun as always and was close right till the end but I stole the win. I’m really looking forward to playing the others and seeing how their army’s develop.

See you guys next month.


The Tale Of 40K Gamers: Dom Hook’s Tau Empire



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Dom’s army is looking nicer month by month. The more I see in his colour scheme, the more I like it. The pathfinders are my highlight from Dom this month.

Commander Farsight 165

XV104 Riptide: Earth Caste Pilot Array; ion accelerator 215

3 Farsight Enclaves XV8 Crisis Team: Bonding Knife Ritual; Crisis Shas’ui (missile pod; missile pod); Crisis Shas’ui (missile pod; missile pod) 159

3 Farsight Enclaves XV8 Crisis Team: Bonding Knife Ritual; Crisis Shas’ui (missile pod; missile pod); Crisis Shas’ui (missile pod; missile pod) 159

8 Pathfinders: Bonding Knife Ritual 96

3 XV88 Broadside Team: Bonding Knife Ritual; Broadside Shas’ui (twin-linked high-yield missile pod); Broadside Shas’ui; Broadside Shas’ui 198

992 points

The Tale Of 40K Gamers Ep.8: Worst Episode Of Anything, Ever (Rad Robots)


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Today, Gary and Chris talk a lot of sh*t. We mean a lot! We kind of cover Cult Mechanicus, tactical objective cards, Salute, Dom’s mum and more!

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The Tale Of 40K Gamers Month Two: Gary Hennessey’s Crimson Slaughter


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Well I thought the Heldrake would be easy. It wasn’t. I still need to dullcoat the bugger but it’s pretty much there. The spawn on the other hand were super easy ad im really happy with the end result. Thank Papa Nurgle for being so accepting.

“Krannon knew his pride, or more arrogance, had got the better of him. The spoils of the first siege had favoured chaos, and their unlikely allies. He did not ask why the ghost warriors had aided them that day, but he was glad of it. He assumed the Tau Cadre were present simply because the Orks were on the Imperial battle line.

With Typhus constantly failing, he knew Abbadon would correct the command chain and put him at the top. He didn’t need help taking the system. But it seemed Typhus did!

With a simple swoop he was able to over power the Space Wolves, though some lesser commanders placed his victory down to luck over skill.

The Warpsmith’s new creation certainly helped that! While theHeldrake was close to uncontrollable, it seemed to have good sense and cause disarray in the marines ranks. But this battle had caused his arrogance to soar. He pushed too greedily and too deep, and the Blood Angel surprise attack took him off guard. He was so enraged he didn’t even leave his rhino!

++ Chaos Space Marines: Crimson Slaughter (2014) (Combined Arms Detachment) (995pts) ++

+ HQ (200pts) +

Chaos Lord (200pts) [Blade of the Relentless, Daemonheart, Gift of mutation, Mark of Khorne, Plasma Pistol, Sigil of corruption, The Slaughterer’s Horns, Warlord]

+ Elites (310pts) +

Chosen (310pts) [Chaos Rhino, 6x Chosen, Draznicht’s Ravagers, Mark of Khorne, Replace all weapons w/ Twin Lightning Claws, 2x Replace CCW w/ Power Fist] Chosen Champion [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, Gift of mutation, Melta Bomb] Power Weapon [Power Axe] Replace CCW w/ Power Weapon [Power Axe]

+ Troops (120pts) +

Chaos Cultists (65pts) [8x Autogun upgrade, 9x Cultists in unit] Cultist Champion [Auto Pistol, Champions Shotgun] Heavy Weapon upgrade [Flamer]

Chaos Cultists (55pts) [8x autopistol loadout, 9x Cultists in unit] Cultist Champion [Auto Pistol] Heavy Weapon upgrade [Flamer]

+ Fast Attack (230pts) +

Chaos Spawn (60pts) [2x Spawn]

Heldrake (170pts) [Baleflamer]

+ Heavy Support (135pts) +

Maulerfiend (135pts) [Lasher tendrils]

The Tale Of 40K Gamers Month Two: Matt Clarke’s Space Wolves


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Matt’s Space Wolves are looking great! I wasn’t sure about the Storm Fang model until i saw it in the flesh. It’s really nice. Even if the cannon is, some what, masking some sort of insecurity.

Wolf Lord: Black Death; runic armour; bolt pistol 150

Rune Priest 60

Murderfang 135

• Drop Pod 35

5 Grey Hunters: 4× close combat weapon; plasma gun; Wolf Guard Pack Leader (storm bolter; frost sword) 128

5 Blood Claws: Wolf Guard Pack Leader (storm shield; frost axe) 105

5 Fenrisian Wolves 40

2 Long Fangs: plasma cannon; lascannon; + 1 Long Fang Ancient (plasma gun) 95

Stormfang Gunship: skyhammer missile launcher; twin-linked lascannon 235

983 points


The wolves retreated. Their sensors had not picked up the Eldar wraith army that had been keeping a silent vigil on the battlefield and the over whelming firepower of the Eldar had cost the wolves dearly.  The space wolves had been too eager  to engage the chaos infesting this system and had walked into something more deadly.

Even from the beating the wolves would not retreat from the system though. They returned to their cruiser to lick their wounds and evaluate just how many different factions were in play in this sector.

The Tale Of 40K Gamers Month Two: Matt Lyon’s Crimson Haze (Blood Angels)



What can I say, just look at Matt’s army. It’s beautiful, i think we can all agree that Matt’s airbrushing skills are amazing! please read hiss full blog post below, I really enjoyed it.

IMG-20150421-WA0017 IMG-20150421-WA0018 IMG-20150421-WA0019 IMG-20150421-WA0020

To: Chief Archiver designation XVIIIVI, Baal

Received: 999.M4I

From: Scribe Adept designation VVXI

Message Format: Telepathic

Subject: Chronicle of Insertion Force; Crimson Haze

Thought of the Day: Doubt is the gateway to Chaos

Priority: Ultra High

Honoured archiver, I regret to inform you that Crimson Haze are yet to engage the enemy.

They have not deployed to the field of battle.

They have not faced off against the forces of the Tau Empire.

They did not get their red and black armoured asses handed to them in 15 minutes.

Please ignore any rumours contrary to the above.

Month 2

I decided this month yo write a little bit more of a Plog; especially as i’ve had a lot of people ask about the colour scheme.

In regards to painting the models this was actually my first use of an airbrush. The Terminators were sprayed grey and were then covered by a zenithal spray with white from a 45 degree angle. The first colour was airbrushed Mephiston Red, followed by army painter black in all the recess and underside of the models. I then finished the airbrushing with a very light top down highlight of Evil Sunz Scarlett.

Then it was a simple case of washing the armour with army painter strong tone ink and the applying the metal chipping effect with pure runefang steel.

The Deathcompany were all aribrushed army painter black, then edged highlighted with Mechanicus Standard Grey and Eshin Grey. The same chipping effect was applied.

As we have now entered the second month of the campaign I needed to paint up my next 250 points. I have added the following:

Captain Karlaen

Castiel – Librarian
Terminator Armour, Gallian’s Staff, Stormshield, Mastery Level 2

Raphen’s Death company 210

Cassor The Damned 140
5 Terminators: cyclone missile launcher

The Rapture – Vindicator
Overcharged Engines

Total – 1K

I added the Librarian as I really require a bit of psychic might, I have been disappointed with the Blood Angels one so far so will likely be running Biomancy. He will be stomping around with the Terminators and the captain most of the time.

I added a Vindicator as I wanted some long range firepower and something to counter things like Tau battle suits & Plague Marines. A fast moving, Strength 10, AP2 pie plate seemed to fill a niche!

Although I had the full month to paint these I wanted to crack on. Castiel was up first and received the same airbrush basecoat on the armour as the Terminators (obviously swapping red for blue!). I am completely in love with this model and it was a joy to paint, the only conversion work was a slight re-pose of the axe head and adding a stormshield I picked up off eBay.

The Vindicator was again airbrushing using the same technique used for the Terminators. I spend extra time really darkening the underneath this time to create a good strong contrast over the larger surface areas. Suffice to say the chipping took farm far, far longer than I expected!

The Tale Of 40K Gamers Ep.7:Dude! Where’s Jan’s Lemon?


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We are here for our second book review! We look into the recently released Skatarii codex. Not quite a full army but it’s mostly there.
We also start the new hash tag campaign #janslemon. If you know where it is please tweet us a photo with that hash tag. It must be somewhere!

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Twitter: @lost_lighthouse