Stardew Valley: Farming Crack Simulator


A more chilled out stream this week where we play my latest addiction; Stardew Valley. Stardew is a farming game from a one man team with influences from other crack-addict gamings such as Harvest Moon. It’s utterly delightful and I can’t stop playing. If you’re weak of will and empty of pocket, maybe skip this one…


Final Fantasy XIV: Sproutling Adventures

Hey all! I return! With streaming! Most Fridays you can find me on my Twitch Channel gaming. Currently I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIV (You may have wondered where I’ve been for the past six months. The answer is, in Eorzea) so I’ve rolled a new character for you all to watch me bumble through a class I’ve never played!

I’ve also uploaded the streams to Youtube, sadly the first one is missing but I’ll fill you in. I hit things with arrows until I was level 10. There ya go, all caught up.

Enjoy! and I’ll see you all next week ♥ ~Kii