The Lost Lighthouse is a site dedicated to various geeky subjects including games, comics and TV & films of the Sci-Fi and fantasy genre, and is the culmination of decades of not-real experience from a couple of friends who used to waste entire work shifts chatting about this stuff.

Here at The Lost Lighthouse, we publish articles ranging from reviews to retrospectives and opinions on some of our favourite topics in pop-culture, with some help from some help from some of our good chums along the way.

We will have two podcasts! The first is ‘The Weekly Rapture’, a pop culture podcast in which we discuss the latest nerdy news, what we are playing, reading and watching, and usually review a recent genre film or TV series.

The second podcast is our Dungeons and Dragons actual play series ‘Total Reroll’, now in its third incarnation as Total Reroll NSCU, a detective themed series in its early stages. So check it out!

The two podcasts come out on alternate Fridays, so check them out!

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