The Cursed Tomb: Chapter 38 – Rending Flesh

So Adam and Ian don’t feel like they play enough D&D. To rectify this, they started playing a text-based adventure with a couple of friends, still using the 5th edition framework. We thought it would be fun to clean up the transcripts of this adventure and start publishing it in weekly chapters here on the site. Let us know what you think, and please share around! If you missed Chapter 1, check it out here!

Disclaimer: This is the transcript of a text-based D&D game played over a period of 6 months. Bad language included. Picture based dice rolls/media omitted. Names changed to preserve anonymity. Goblin based violence frequent. You have been warned. If you missed Chapter 37, find it here!


DM: From inside the airship you hear a chorus of howls, and the strange chittering laughter of the gnolls

DM: Bronan, your move. Two singed gnolls by the fire next to faustus, three in front of you and Constance (one of which is badly injured), and three inside up to something

‪Bronan: Bronan splat nearest gnoll, constance got hit they die then I move forward

‪Bronan: 15 to hit

DM: That’ll do it. Nearest gnoll is the injured one

DM: What’s the damage

‪Bronan: A mere 11

DM: The wounded gnoll’s chest is caved in by the hammer

DM: Anything else? If not, Faustus is up

‪Bronan: Yup that’s me

‪Bronan: Done

Faustus: OK faustus closes the distance to the two singed gnolls and strikes at one with his sword

Faustus: Non-natural 20 to hit.

Faustus: 10 slashing damage assuming that hits.

DM: That is enough to slash through one of the singed gnolls thighs , killing it instantly

Faustus: That’ll do me.

DM: The one gnoll next to you throws down its javelin, and tries to rip out your throat with its teeth

DM: 15 to hit

Faustus: Faustus fends him off with his shield.

DM: The two gnolls left by bronan and Constance similarly throw down their weapons and try to bite

DM: 17 Constance, 16 bronan

Constance: 17 hits

‪Bronan: So does the 16, my abs only give me an ac of 15:(

DM: 6 piercing damage each

‪Bronan: Okey koaky

Constance: I’m not looking great

‪Bronan: Mam, I’m on 35 hitpoints and feeling fine, hide behind me

‪Bronan: Man*

‪Bronan: I’m not Irish with oedipal issues

DM: Constance, you are up

DM: From inside the ship you hear a sound like rending flesh


Constance: Then I pop open a potion of healing and down it.

Constance: For 8 points of healing

Constance: Then smash the one nearest me in the noodle with my quarter staff

Constance: 22 to hit

DM: That’ll do it

Constance: 7 bludgeoning

DM: You smash into the gnoll breaking a few of his teeth

DM: You done, or any other kung fu/movement?

Constance: nah i can’t cause its my bonus action that lets me kick people to death and i used that to tan health potion

DM: Grand. Bronan?

‪Bronan: Uuurrrraaaaahhhhggggghhhh

‪Bronan: Bronan smash next gnoll in queue, good at serial processinh

‪Bronan: Processing

‪Bronan: Balls, I got a 7

‪Bronan: Too late to say I’m recklessly attacking I guess

‪Bronan: (sorry constance!)

DM: Eh, you can recklessly attack. You attacking the unwounded gnoll gnashing at you. Or the one Constance is punching teeth out of?

Bronan: I’ll go for the closest to her

‪Bronan: So the one she is beating

‪Bronan: Cripes, second was a 14

DM: Woof. Also misses I think. And they have advantage on you next round?

DM: Faustus, your move

‪Bronan: Yup, they gonna get up on me

Faustus: I pull my sword out of the corpse of the gnoll next to me, and bring it down on the other one.

Faustus: 23 to hit

Faustus: And 11 slashing damage as I bring the sword down from his shoulder to his side

DM: Okay, you get your sword right in there. it only stops when it reaches his spine. he slips off your blade onto the hot sand

Faustus: Looking around, how do the others look like they are getting on?

Constance: (Also how many of these fucks at still standing. Lost track)

DM: Currently two gnolls, one injured by Constance, one uninjured in front of bronan

DM: Two more and a shaman disappeared inside, and you’ve since heard some weird noises from in there

DM: Constance looks pretty bloodied, bronan has taken a few knocks

Faustus: Right… I’m going to run to the entrance and poke my head in to see if I can see what is going on.

DM: Oooh

DM: Great

DM: Stealthily?

Faustus: Yes

DM: Roll for it

Faustus: Oof. 5.

DM: You see what must be the gnolls lair, in amongst broken airship engine parts and shattered crates

DM: One gnoll lies dead, eviscerated, in a circle of runes

DM: Next to it, the gnoll shaman is knelt, its body withered, energy channeling from the rune circle and corpse to the creature next to it. As you stumble into view, you see what was once a gnoll footsoldier. The shaman laughs and collapses, dead or dying

DM: And his creation turns to you

DM: A giant monstrous gnoll

Faustus: Butts.

DM: Yup!

DM: I’ll put it with the gnolls in initiative

‪Bronan: Errm, is that freaking yeenogoo?(spelling)

DM: (nah not really. A gnoll empowered with a spark of his essence maybe. Didn’t think anyone would recognise that!)

‪Bronan: (Been reading out of the abyss today in prep for my game)

Constance: (WHAT NOOOOOO!!! Please don’t kill the wiz! I have plans, such beautiful plans!!)

DM: (out of the abyss is soooo lethal)

Constance: (stupid mindflayers)

DM: (our party had a weird TPK so early on its not even funny. we were playing grievous injury rules and grim realism rests. Two martial characters with one leg each, my paladin lost an eye, and our wizard was destroyed by a lava surge)

DM: The gnolls are up!

DM: Constance, your gnoll tries to bite

DM: 17 to hit

Constance: balls

Constance: hits

DM: Oooohkay

DM: 6 damage

DM: Bronan, your gnoll tried to grapple you

‪Bronan: Bahahaha

DM: Gets a 14 for strength, roll your strength!

‪Bronan: It’s a 24 with athletics

‪Bronan: Or 22 with Base strength

DM: Okay you are fine

DM: Faustus, the gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu charges you

DM: It tries twice to rake you with its claws, and once to bite

Faustus: Jesus

DM: 22,22;7

DM: Presuming the two claws hit you

Faustus: Haha OK the claws do, bite no

DM: That’s 15 slashing damage as his distorted claws tear into you

Faustus: Ooffadoofa

DM: Constance, you are up. Injured gnoll in front of you, uninjured gnoll by bronan, the sound of rending metal and scuffling at the airship door

Constance: Crapola

Constance: I’m pissed off now.

Constance: So I’m fucking smashing the fuck out of this gnoll with my quarter staff

Constance: 16 to hit

DM: Hits!

Constance: Boom. Max damage. 12

DM: That gnoll is dead

DM: (Constance am I right in thinking this is the first time you’ve performed the killing blow with your ankh quarterstaff of Ptonos?)

Constance: Woop. Yea.

DM: As the gnoll dies, a gout of black energy surges from its corpse to the staff. a small white rune appears, glowing briefly, on the handle. it appears to be a small skeletal hand

Constance: Ahh! Weird!

Constance: Run over and kick the gnoll currently fighting Bronan in the nuts as a bonus action.

Constance: 22 to hit

Constance: Rolling all the max damage today!

DM: You solidly connect. It whimpers, and seems wounded

DM: Bronan

DM: one gnoll outside, that Constance just kicked in the nuts, currently trying to rip your throat out. In the airship doorway, a hulking figure is cackling manically and pawing at Faustus

Constance: (how far are we from faustus and the airship?)

DM: 15 ft

Constance: oh shit, didn’t realise it was that close

Constance: in that case can I use my last ki point to kick him in the nuts again?

DM: Sure

Constance: 14 to hit

DM: Misses

Constance: balls

‪Bronan: It’s OK, Bronan try to smash gnoll in face and then move up to block big gnoll

‪Bronan: I got a freaking 8, why did I waste a good roll on a strength check!

‪Bronan: Ah well, I’m gonna push past it anyway and move to the big man

DM: You’ll take an attack of opportunity from the injured gnoll if you do that

‪Bronan: Yeah it’s cool, I’m raging and my lats will protect me

DM: And it has advantage because you recklessly attacked last round? Or not because this time you didn’t

‪Bronan: They would’ve done last time but they hit anyway,  you could roll twice now to make up in case they get a crit? I attacked normally this round, like an eejit

DM: 21 to hit

DM: 7 slashing damage

‪Bronan: No worries

Constance: (half for rage no?)

‪Bronan: (I’ve been halving it. Was it already halved?)

DM: Okay, faustus you are up

Faustus: Right, first I’m going to use vow of enmity as a bonus action. I now have advantage on attacks on him for the next minute

Faustus: I’m then going to slash up at him with my sword (I’m assuming he is taller than me)

Faustus: Either a 16 or a 21 to hit

DM: He is taller than you

DM: The 21 hits

Faustus: Ok, I’m going to make it a divine smite. Is this thing undead or a fiend?

DM: It looks a bit fiendish

Faustus: So I roll I get another d8 on top of the three I’m already rolling…

DM: Shit you are doing a big boy smite

Faustus: Ok 9 slashing, and then real bad rolls on the others for another 9 radiant

DM: Woof. Your sword slashes up, trailing radiance as it slashes into the defied gnoll’s chest

DM: It howls in pain and fixes its eyes on you

Faustus: Buuuttts

DM: Anything else pre gnolls?

Faustus: Don’t think I’ve got anything else to go

DM: Constance, the heavily injured gnoll by you grasps at you and tries to bite your face

DM: 20 to hit

DM: 5 piercing damage

Constance: sheeeiiiit, im pretty fucked up, but still standing

DM: Okay

DM: The fang of yeenoghu looms over faustus, screams with rage, and attacks three times. Claw, claw, bite


Come back next Monday for Chapter 39 of The Cursed Tomb!

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