The Cursed Tomb: Chapter 37 – Yay or Nay on Camel?

So Adam and Ian don’t feel like they play enough D&D. To rectify this, they started playing a text-based adventure with a couple of friends, still using the 5th edition framework. We thought it would be fun to clean up the transcripts of this adventure and start publishing it in weekly chapters here on the site. Let us know what you think, and please share around! If you missed Chapter 1, check it out here!

Disclaimer: This is the transcript of a text-based D&D game played over a period of 6 months. Bad language included. Picture based dice rolls/media omitted. Names changed to preserve anonymity. Goblin based violence frequent. You have been warned. If you missed Chapter 36, find it here!


Bronan: Normally liches die if you put fire stick on them or salt

Faustus: True.

Bronan: We can’t really leave the skull here, and Bronan feel touching it is bad idea, anyone got a pouch and Bronan can scoop it up like with Sir dribbles nuggets

Constance: I agree. Perhaps we should secure it until we can find someone who knows more or do some research.

‪Bronan: I mean, Bronan have pouch but it sewn into loincloth and not feel comfortable with blood skull near junk, it might get hungry and take a bite

Constance: We can wrap it in my bedroll and stick it in this backpack.

DM: So you are picking it up, wrap in bedroll, into knapsack?

Constance: sure

DM: Well! You are at the oasis. You think the airship wreckage you heard of should be somewhere within a day or so south west

DM: You have a reasonable amount of food, and it now seems this oasis should be usable for drinking water

‪Bronan: Fill the keg and set off at night when it’s cooler?

DM: Easily done. Taking besh?

DM: Who has the potion, who has the skull gem?

Constance: I have the skull gem.

Constance: (What did the scroll say again?)

DM: You set out south west? this is the deep desert, very sparse short red grass, fine sand, long dune ridges. Almost nothing in the way of plants beyond the grass, no birds in the sky. The air is still, and as the day passes the heat is almost unbearable

DM: Is your plan to head south west and explore, seeking the wrecked airship?

‪Bronan: Yup think so

Constance: Yup I believe so.

Constance: Oh wait!

Constance: We were going to leave a sign that the water was safe to drink

Faustus: We are sure it is right?

‪Bronan: Bronan can drink if you like?

‪Bronan: I drink some water

DM: Tastes crisp and clear

‪Bronan: Mmm taste like stream of hilltribe

Faustus: Cool. Yeah let’s leave a note.

Faustus: Or sign.

Faustus: I’ll take the scroll if we hadn’t decided that.

DM: Great

DM: And as night falls after resting (long rest health wise) you strike out into the desert, seeking sign of this crashed ship

DM: You know south desert is home to great purple wyrms, sporadic gnoll tribes, and unknown monsters and wildness

DM: What is your marching order/plan?

Constance: I’ll do my usual scout ahead. As I can dash back or out of trouble if shit gets real

Constance: But never out of sight of the boys

‪Bronan: Forage and get food

Constance: Looking for signs of tracks or anything off in the distance

Faustus: On the lookout for danger nearby

Constance: (Paranoid!!)

DM: One of you needs to navigate

Faustus: Oh I’ll do that

‪Bronan: I’m proficient in survival, can I aid him between foraging?

‪Bronan: Onward towards the airship?

DM: Silhouetted by moonlight, three figures atop a dune covered in sparse red grass. Endless stars circle above. They know they are near to their goal

DM: And they all roll perception

Constance: 15

Faustus: 18

‪Bronan: 16

DM: There is a shape. A jagged inky blot against the ebony of the dunes at night. You can only just make it out. perhaps a dozen dune ridges south of you? Something large, something irregular, something different from the endless sand. Perhaps the airship…

‪Bronan: Hey friends (Bronan stage whispers) there is Shape over there, it’s the ship yes? We sneak like dogmen?

Constance: Sneaking sounds like a good plan.

Faustus: Yup

DM: Great, can you make me stealth checks and perception checks please, and a marching order! are you taking Besh the camel?

Constance: Stealth was 6, perception was 21. And I’ll go first since I can dodge the fuck away from danger.

Bronan: I got 18 stealth and 22 perception

‪Bronan: I’ll go middle 🙂

DM: Just Faustus left and then I’ll let you know what happens

Faustus: 15 stealth 8 perception.

DM: And importantly

DM: Yay or nay on camel?

‪Bronan: At this point of camel speaking and feeding Besh cacti, do we have an unspoken bond?

DM: Not particularly. She behaves like a camel would. Fairly obedient, very dumb

‪Bronan: She’s no sir dribbles, errm maybe leave her behind?

‪Bronan: Do we normally do that thing where they tie a foreleg up to let her know not to wander? If so I vote on that

DM: Sure. We will say she is left one dune over

DM: So a few things happen at once. As you sneak down the dune, Constance takes point. Ahead you can clearly see the airship

DM: It is on its side, it’s base facing you, it’s front half buried in a huge dune. A massive rent is torn in its base

DM: Faustus, you are still trying to take this in

DM: Bronan and Constance, you spot the group of huddled shapes around the dying embers of a fire

DM: Bronan immediately crouches low

DM: And Constance goes to do the same, but her footing slips in the soft sand and a small patch of red grass loudly rips free of its roots

DM: By the fire, twenty wide eyes blink open and stare at you. A harsh order is barked, a heap of brush thrown onto the fire illuminating the band- a dozen gnolls, clutching an assortment of rusted iron weapons

DM: One holds a staff wound in leather, trinkets and charms clattering as he points it at you

DM: ‘Pigmen! Pigmen are attacking! Defend Gnollhome!’

DM: Roll initiative…

Constance: 17

‪Bronan: (goddamn that’s a burn, maybe Bronan needs to learn from this and call things by their racial name rather than referring to them with a old macdonald style humanity based reference system) I got 5 ” where pigmen? We smash them too?”

Faustus: Do 4 of the gnolls have eyepatches?

DM: Yup

DM: Maybe all of them, based on your bloody perception roll

Constance: (wait what? why do they have eyepatches?)

Faustus: 20 eyes. Dozen gnolls.

Constance: ah

Constance: (maths is hard)

Constance: (have they only seen me? or all of us?)

Faustus: Haha 3

DM: They have certainly seen you

DM: Bronan and faustus are further up the dune, so possibly not them

DM: Gnolls, Constance, bronan, faustus

Faustus: Balls

DM: The one with the totem staff casts light on a log by the fire, illuminating a 30ft radius. Constance, let’s say you are at the base of the dune 40ft away and the other two are 60ft from the campfire

DM: The gnoll shaman then grabs three guards and retreats inside

DM: ‘kill them, they musn’t enter!’

DM: Leaving 8

DM: Four have spears, and throw them at Constance.

DM: 15,19,19,19. What’s your AC?

Constance: 16

DM: Oof

DM: You take fifteen piercing damage as three rough iron spears hit you

Constance: hold the phone a mo

DM: ?

Constance: (you can only take one reaction right? or would I be able to do three?)

DM: Only one

Constance: k

Constance: (then im going to use deflect missiles to try and catch one of these bitches)

Constance: (reduces damage by 1d10 + 2(dex) + 4(monk level)

Constance: (sorry +4 dex)

Constance: (so 1d10+8)

DM: Okay you Cath the first spear, but the second two hit you. Only ten damage total (am I right in thinking you only reduce the damage from one of the missiles?)

Constance: You can use your reaction to deflect or catch the missile when you are hit by a ranged weapon attack. When you do so, the damage you take from the attack is reduced by 1d10 + dex + monk level. If you reduce the damage to 0, you can catch the missile if it is small enough for you to hold in one hand and you have at least one hand free.

Constance: (abridged version from phb)

DM: So yeah. You catch one of them, the other two hit you for ten

DM: And then four gnolls run at you with axes

DM: As you fend off three of the attackers, the fourth leaps at you and strikes a stunning blow with his ragged iron axe

Constance: (hud, so 10 total damage?)

DM: (yup)

DM: (three attacks for 5 each, but one of them you negated with your kung fu)

Constance: k

DM: And now 8 slashing from that axe crit

DM: And it is your turn

Constance: How far am I from Bronan?

DM: Twenty feet

Constance: Ok. I’m going spend a ki point to use step of the wind to disengage from the four axe dudes. And run towards Bronan, when I get pretty much behind him I throw a dart (which believe is still coated with poison?) at the one who hit me.

DM: Great

Constance: 22 to hit

DM: Yup!

Constance: 5 piercing.

Constance: I can’t remember what the poison did

Constance: Apparently 2d6 looking back

Constance: A 1 and a 5 for a total of 6 poison damage.

DM: The gnoll falls back stunned and injured

DM: So there are three gnolls by the fire, and twenty feet away four surrounding Constance. Twenty foot up the dune bronan and faustus stand ready

DM: It’s bronan, then faustus to go

DM: The three by the fire seem to be readying more javelins, and the other four content to smash constance to mush

‪Bronan: I would like to rage, and charge to protect constance

‪Bronan: Yelling “bbbaaaaaaaaad dogmen go mush mush”

Constance: (I thought I got away from them?)

Constance: (Disengaged with step of the wind and then ran to Bronan)

DM: Oh yes, my mistake

DM: Presume bronan is still charging those four? or is there another plan?

‪Bronan: Yup

‪Bronan: Constance got hit, so these dogmen must get hit

‪Bronan: 18 to hit one

DM: You smash into it with the beers

‪Bronan: Blood mingles in a spray with the Foam pouring from Bronans mouth 15 slashing damage

‪Bronan: “filthy dogmen, filthy dog hitting friends, be proper dog people like sir dribbles”

DM: The gnoll, already injured by constance’s poisoned shortsword, crumples into a heap of viscera

DM: Faustus

Constance: (Rage so multi attack no?)

‪Bronan: (don’t think so at lvl 4)

Constance: ( oh wait that’s a berserker path thing nevermind)

Faustus: How far away are the other three?

DM: Forty feet

DM: But another one of them runs inside the airship

DM: So now two javelin throwers by the fire

Faustus: Ok I’m going to run towards them 30ft and breath a cone of fire at them which should just get them

Faustus: dex save for both

‪Bronan: (niiice!)

DM: They both fail, taken by surprise by the burst of flame

Faustus: They each take 9 damage

DM: Eek

DM: The howl in pain

DM: And hurl javelins at you

DM: 16 and 19 to hit

Faustus: 19 hits, 16 doesn’t

DM: That’ll be 5 piercing damage

DM: And then the three gnolls by bronan will all attack him

DM: With their rusty hatchets and scimitars

DM: 14,17,18 to hit. Any of those land, bronan?

‪Bronan: Yup, the 17 and 18

DM: That will be 8 slashing damage

DM: And now it is Constance’s turn

Constance: I’m going to circle behind the ones surrounding Bronan (in the hope of getting flanking?) and smash it in the back of the head with my quarter staff

DM: (no flanking rules in 5th edition)

Constance: (Pretty sure it’s a variant rule, I use it but if it’s not a thing fine)

DM: (not one I’ve used- give advantage if flanking? feel free)

Constance: (Yeah it’s advantage when flanking but not pushing for it, I just made the assumption)

DM: (as I said not one I’ve used, but happy to go for it)

Constance: 23 to hit with staff

Constance: 8 damage

Constance: Then for bonus action I’m going to use a ki point for flurry of blows and kick fuck oot him

Constance: 16 to hit with first, and non natural 20 with second

DM: Both will hit

Constance: 10 damage total

DM: That gnoll is driven to its knees, bloodied, one arm bent at an unnatural angle

DM: From inside the airship you hear a chorus of howls, and the strange chittering laughter of the gnolls


Come back next Monday for Chapter 38 of The Cursed Tomb!


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