The Cursed Tomb: Chapter 34 – Tired Beyond Imagining

So Adam and Ian don’t feel like they play enough D&D. To rectify this, they started playing a text-based adventure with a couple of friends, still using the 5th edition framework. We thought it would be fun to clean up the transcripts of this adventure and start publishing it in weekly chapters here on the site. Let us know what you think, and please share around! If you missed Chapter 1, check it out here!

Disclaimer: This is the transcript of a text-based D&D game played over a period of 6 months. Bad language included. Picture based dice rolls/media omitted. Names changed to preserve anonymity. Goblin based violence frequent. You have been warned. If you missed Chapter 33, find it here!


DM: You are well provisioned with Bronan’s wilderness expertise and supplies, you are well defended by Constance and Faustus

DM: One of you roll two dice- a survival roll for navigation, and a d10 for me as well

Constance: ill do d10

DM: (I’ve pre-made a table for that, so I’m not cheating when something bad happens!)

Constance: 2

Faustus: 10

DM: You spend the day uneventfully heading south- the desert lives up to its name. Above you, vultures circle. At night, eyes gleam in the diatnat dark, but nothing approaches closer than a few hundred yards

DM: The next day! Same again

‪Bronan: I’ll do survival

DM: You are pretty sure you were going in the right direction day 1 but shifting sands and dunes…hmm

Faustus: I’ll do the d10

Faustus: 8

‪Bronan: Oh shit, I got. 6 total

DM: It all seems to look the same. You are headed vaguely south

DM: In mid afternoon, in the trough between two dunes, you find the skeletons of three halflings, bones picked clean by vultures

DM: Two wear mail, one sun bleached robes

DM: You spot them from atop a nearby dune. They sear to have simply laid down and died

DM: Besh snorts and steps around awkwardly. The bones look old, dried from an age of harsh heat

‪Bronan: (I awkwardly pat constance on the shoulder)  sorry constance, is there death ritual for halflings you want us to do?

DM: A light breeze blows a tumbleweed past you as you all state dumbfounded at the dead halfling trio

Faustus: Can I arcana check the bodies? I suspect they died of thirst, but just want to make sure nothing magical affected them as they are all together

DM: Sure!

Faustus: 17

DM: You don’t sense any magical auras or strangeness

DM: But the halfling who was wearing a robe is wearing a simple silver ring that is clearly magical

Faustus: Can I investigate that further? What would that be?

DM: Sure, give me one more arcana roll

Faustus: 15

DM: It’s a simple silver band, with an eye etched on one side, and the word ‘Desuno’ inscribed within

DM: You decking you’d need to attune to it by focusing on it overnight, but after that it should work. Doesn’t appear to be cursed

Faustus: Constance, these are your people. I think you should have this.

‪Bronan: (nice!)

DM: But yes, these halflings seem to have starved to death, and then bones picked clean by bugs and birds. As you stand in the brutal heat of the dune valley, you understand how. In every direction, sand and sparse dry red grass. The sun seemingly fixed at one point in the sky above you

Constance: no Faustus, I cannot take from those who have died.

Constance: please, you should take it

Constance: (I’ve already got heaps of magic stuff)

Faustus: (I’ve got a fancy hat, what does Bronan have?)

DM: (a ray of frost…amulet I think?)

‪Bronan: (swapped it for the hat)

‪Bronan: (also, unless we brought alcohol with us, Bronan might be starting withdrawal by now as I’ve been supping on the axe ale for a while)

DM: (the birdmen actually gave you a mini keg of aaracokra grass based ale, which is in the cart)

Constance: (in that case…)

Constance: a drink to these poor souls! *raises glass*

‪Bronan: *Bronan pokes sir dribbles and tries  to distract him from the tasty looking bones*   no sir dribbles, these might be aunt constance’s cousins or something

Faustus: *raise glass* and I hand the ring to Bronan. “Here Bronan,  this should fit on your pinky finger”

‪Bronan: Yes! Good idea constance *raises Cup* thank you Faustus, it pretty, it have funny word on it

DM: Great

DM: Bronan

DM: Roll a d100 for me

‪Bronan: 34

DM: As you out the ring on, you feel it squeeze painfully tight around your finger then slightly relax

DM: 34? Great. You feel a vague sense of unease, but it soon passes

DM: What are you guys up to? Its late afternoon. You’d normally walk a few more hours before setting up camp

‪Bronan: (any rocks to build a cairn?)

DM: Noooope. Just sand.

‪Bronan: We could take em in the wagon, find good place to bury?

Constance: i think we should leave them where they are

Constance: there is nought that we can do for them now

‪Bronan: Ok, I make ancient grave sign of tribe (I write in the sand “we were waiting for half-life 3” in giant)

Faustus: I enjoy the number of levels that works on.

‪Bronan: 👍

‪Bronan: (we rolling on til camp time?)

‪Bronan: (Fuck it, Besh doesn’t like it here, let’s roll on I guess)

Constance: 👍🏻

DM: Yup

DM: two dice- a survival roll for navigation, and a d10 for me as well

DM: For the next day

Constance: ill survival i spose

DM: Bronan, overnight you have terrible nightmares about beaks pecking at you

Constance: 12

‪Bronan: (his bond is having awful visions when he sleeps, are they out of the ordinary?)

DM: Yeah, normally you have visions of the world splitting asunder. Last night, you dreamt of being eaten alive by beaks

DM: Okay, 12

DM: So a d10 from someone please!

Faustus: 3

DM: In fact you think you are only a few hours walking from the oasis as it gets to evening

DM: 3

DM: Shit

Constance: (shit?!)

DM: So, as you start slowing down and getting ready to set up camp for a night, you all stop short

DM: From the deathly stillness of days in the desert, a Gale of wind blasts across you from the south

DM: And on the horizon a wall of sand rises, blotting the sky

DM: Sandstorm!

DM: You have 3 rounds before it hits your group. what do you do?!

‪Bronan: (fuuuuuuck)

‪Bronan: Any shelter/rockfaces pointing away from it?

DM: You are on top of a dune ridge that goes north to south. Storm is coming from the west

DM: Besh starts freaking out a bit instantly when the wind picks up

‪Bronan: (I have an idea but not sure if others have one that might not kill us)

DM: (you guys can talk like this out of game if you like. In game, you have three rounds each before a wall of sand hits)

Constance: (does anyone have a rope? we could throw ourselves into bedrolls, which are like sleeping bags right? and lash ourselves to the cart?)

‪Bronan: (ok, so, my idea is to tip the cart on its side at the top of the ridge, hide on the lee side with a tarp/something covering us, that way the cart should block the wind and won’t push the sand dune on top of us)

Constance: thats also good

‪Bronan: (Constance’s idea is probably less likely to kill us though, cause I can never remember if you want to be focused into the wind or away to stop sand building up over your shelter)

Constance: (ok, so tip the cart is good but do we have some coverings?

‪Bronan: (we do want to try to save Besh though, I don’t fancy schlubbing this cart through the desert)

Constance: yeah no shit, I’m sure we could get her in there

DM: You have 18 seconds, remember

‪Bronan: (does the cart have a tarp currently over the top?)

DM: Nope

‪Bronan: Ok, I’m gonna yell “constance or Faustus , grab besh and get her ready to hide behind the cart, I’m going to tip it to give us some shelter

‪Bronan: And then try to tip the cart

DM: Okay, we are into it! Strength check bronan

Faustus: I’ll grab besh

‪Bronan: Do I still have inspiration? Cause I’m not raging and would like advantage on this!

DM: Hold on faustus

DM: Yeah bronan you have advantage

‪Bronan: Thank the Lord, got an 11 and a 21, 21 is what I’m going with

DM: With a mighty heave you flip the cart, facing its base towads the oncoming storm

DM: Faustus you are grabbing Besh? Your call- straight strength, animal handling, or intimidation

‪Bronan: Then I hop into shelter and wrap myself in my bearskin cloak, taking care to ensure sir dribbles is safe

Faustus: I’ll go strength. 19 total.

DM: Alright you manage to wrench Besh’s harness and get her under your control. You can move as well

Faustus: Pull her with me into the shelter

DM: Okay, constance?

Constance: uhh

Constance: ok, i dive in behind the cart too

Constance: (we do NOT have the equipment for this)

‪Bronan: (I’m rolling a druid next!)

‪Bronan: (not that I think it would help, but hey ho)

DM: Okay, you have two rounds left before it hits. Anything else you want?

Constance: I’d like to wrap a tear of cloth from my spare set of clothes around my mouth and nose

‪Bronan: Im gonna try to brace a javelin so it sticks upward

DM: Yup and yup

Constance: Same with my staff

Constance: “GOOD IDEA BRONAN!”

DM: That’s you done then Constance, that’s two actions

DM: Bronan you have time for one more. Faustus 2 more

Faustus: I’ll do javelin and cloth too.

Faustus: Actually not javelin. Can I brace against the cart with my shield?

‪Bronan: I’m gonna tuck my bedroll over Besh and then do the cloak snuggle wrap (don’t want nipped chafe from the sand storm

‪Bronan: Or if it’s just one. The cloak wrap

DM: Yup faustus

DM: And bronan, just the cloak wrap

DM: The storm descends

DM: Darkness and noise. Almost nothing is visible, even if you could bear to open your eyes

DM: The wind is a constant scream, and you can feel the cart strain

DM: I need a group strength check, with at least two of you reaching 15, as the storm starts to lift the cart

‪Bronan: I got a 6, so no pressure

Faustus: I got a 22.

Constance: Oh no

Constance: I rolled a 3

Constance: And I have -1 to strength


Constance: Balls.

Constance: 11

Faustus: Haha

DM: the cart wrenches free of your grip and flips off, instantly lost from sight, your supplies scattered to the storm. Besh hunkers into the sand pressing herself flat

DM: What do you do? You are all somewhat braced against the storm, except faustus who was pressing into the cart with his shield

DM: So actually, faustus, Dex save please chum

Faustus: You piece of shit

Faustus: 17

DM: You are fine, you manage to dig your shield into the sand and hunker down

DM: And now the long run continues

DM: It takes four hours for the storm to pass over you. There is no relent, no possible calm or pause, and then suddenly…it is past you

DM: Constitution saving throws for all of you

Faustus: Urgghh. 6.

‪Bronan: 19

Constance: 16

DM: Faustus, you feel…weak

DM: Tired beyond imagining

Faustus: Balls

DM: Finally, the storm passes. It is the sea of night and you realise the wind is a little softer, the sand stings less and less

DM: Finally you see starlight

DM: You are all almost buried in sand. Besh shakes sand from her coat and struggles to stand. The cart, wrecked, is a hundred feet away. Some of your supplies are on the surface of the sand, half buried, but much of your food and miscellany is lost to the endless sand

DM: It’s night time

‪Bronan: I dig myself and my cohorts out, speak with animals and ask Besh to sniff out the water casks

DM: Alright. In which case make me an investigation check with advantage due to your camel helper

‪Bronan: (Bronan is no sleuth really, might almost be better to use the camels stats…)

‪Bronan: 7 was the highest

DM: You find one barrel, which only has a small remnant of its contents. The other barrel is nowhere to be seen

DM: You think the Slow Death oasis is maybe one more day south. You should really have hit it by now, but hey

Constance: Damn. We shall have to ration gentlemen.

DM: You have enough supplies for two days, perhaps. You should be at the oasis within a few hours walk. It’s currently the dead of night, but you are all shattered by the experience of weathering the store

DM: Resting til the next morning?

‪Bronan: I’m happy with that

Constance: 👍

Faustus: Cool.

DM: Grand, you rest til morning

DM: As dawn illuminates the desert, from the top of the dunes you can see a smudge of green that must be Slow Death oasis


Come back next Monday for Chapter 35 of The Cursed Tomb!


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