Indie Comic Review – Lilith Dark #1 (Alterna Comics)

Our pal Kit reviews comics for us! This is one of those reviews.

Warning: minor spoilers.

“I wish I could have just one real adventure.” Lilith Dark

Another week so another indie comic. I picked up Lilith Dark this time from Alterna Comics. They have many new comics now available on . The front cover itself was enough to draw me in, a kid with a sword riding a dinosaur? The only downside to it was the jealousy felt by my inner child. This story was written and the issue entirely drawn by Charles C. Dowd.

This comic begins with Lilith Dark, our mighty hero and slayer of beasts off on one of her adventures. I was immediately stuck by a Calvin and Hobbes vibe from the opening pages, Lilith Dark’s adventures seem a lot like Calvin’s Spaceman Spiff character. She lives with her older brother and sister and despite being kind-hearted and imaginative they don’t quite get her, wrapped up in their own boring lives of boys or dull, generic and legally distinct from real life video games that don’t even have dinosaurs in them! The only character who truly understands her is toy Dinozillus and above all else she wants a real adventure.

What’s impressive about Dowd’s work is that he produced all of it himself. Both the story and the art of a high standard, the light colour palette creating a very childhood-like vibe. Lilith is full of life; the comic could easily tell the same story on the art alone without any words. This isn’t to criticise the lettering, the issue does have a lot of dialogue, reflecting Lilith’s inner narrative on her imaginary adventures. Lilith’s face communicates powerful emotions from childish pouts to smiles and uncontrollable ‘squees’. Where the action picks up even the monsters are full of character and appropriately named just as a child does.

Dowd has taken on a lot with this comic, but the question remains, how well can Dowd draw hands? Pretty well it would seem. The simple nature of the art style does mean they’re less detailed than you may see produced by a different artist, however they do feel appropriate for the light-hearted story told within this issue. The only minor point, being picky I noticed was the cat paws (being a cat owner). They’re drawn with only three toes on each. Though I’ll admit this is me being very pedantic.

Final Verdict

This is a fun comic you can tell Dowd has put a lot into. My main criticism of the issue isn’t to do with the issue itself, but the adverts within. They broke up the flow of the comic at times in inconvenient places. It feels like something appropriate for all ages. Providing a relatable imaginative scope for kids and a bit of fun nostalgia for adults.

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