Age of Sigbrah Ep.45: Lightening Men TM


Mierce Miniatures

Element Games

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Gary and Andy are back and take a look at the new Path to Glory book… full of Starlight Lizards(TM) and Lightening Men(TM)

In this episode we delve into the brand new AoS supplement, Path to Glory. We cover everything from the story of Gulgaz Stoneklaw and his rise to power, how to create warband and grow it throughout the campaign, to discussing what new armies we will both be growing through a Path to Glory campaign.

If you would like to download the Path to Glory Warband Roster, you can find that here.

We also covered the awesome upcoming Kickstarter from our sponsors Mierce Miniatures. This will be for their dungeon crawler board game called Darkholds. All currently available information can be found here, but make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Kickstarter itself, launching early August.

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