The Cursed Tomb: Chapter 11 – Not Eat Carrot, Night Eyes Bad

So Adam and Ian don’t feel like they play enough D&D. To rectify this, they started playing a text-based adventure with a couple of friends, still using the 5th edition framework. We thought it would be fun to clean up the transcripts of this adventure and start publishing it in weekly chapters here on the site. Let us know what you think, and please share around! If you missed Chapter 1, check it out here!

Disclaimer: This is the transcript of a text-based D&D game played over a period of 6 months. Bad language included. Picture based dice rolls/media omitted. Names changed to preserve anonymity. Goblin based violence frequent. You have been warned.

DM: Summoning sandworms?

DM: Nature check

‪Bronan: 16

DM: I mean…they came when you were digging, not before? So they are probably drawn by disturbances below the surface

DM: So in theory it could be done. As to riding them, hell…

‪Bronan: At some point, Bronan is probably going to die attempting that, for now, any thoughts on our plans Constance or Faustus?

Constance: I like the bolas thrower. A covered cart with one of us in it prepared to fire nets is good. One of us hidden elsewhere on a ridge or something is good. And one of us leading the cart.

Constance: I’m happy to lead the cart. Put these poison darts to good use. Do we have any idea how many might be in a raiding party?

Faustus: Yeah I’m game for all of this.

Constance: What magicky goodness do you have now?

Constance: Basically we want to hit them hard and fast and keep them grounded if possible.

Constance: Crossbows might be good

Faustus: I’ve just gone for a curing spell to be safe!

Constance: That’s a good shout. Stick you out of sight on a ridge?

Faustus: Can do. I’m all in for a rumble once they are grounded though.

Constance: Yup. Keep as many alive as we can?

Faustus: I think so

‪Bronan: Sounds like a plan!

Constance: Are smoke bombs a thing we could purchase?

DM: Smoke bombs aren’t really a thing, but you could probably get some pots of thick oil and molotov them and it would make a small fire/big smoke screen

DM: So you want a covered cart and horses (or camels?) to draw it, a net catapult, and a pile of nets and javelins?

DM: If this is your plan I’m assuming this is you now talking to Toma and Faizal

Bronan: Yup, make it camels, they’re slower but won’t die on us as easy!

Constance: Camels are actually faster than horses

Constance: Oil and fire yea. That works.

DM: Okay

DM: So. Toma asks where you are staying and says he will have a cart, camels, javelins, nets, a net thrower, and some smoke pots delivered by morning

DM: He also indicates that Melbos is putting a lot of trust and several hundred gold worth of equipment in your hands

DM: And that should that trust be broken melbos would be most disappointed. But of course Melbos is certain that won’t happen

Constance: And what does he expect in return?

Constance: Exactly?

DM: The eradication of the bandit gang blessed wind. Kill their leader and scatter them, kill them all, or do whatever you choose.

Constance: Super.

DM: If you could recover the mayor’s cargo and deliver it to Melbos then that would be a boon, but perhaps it has already traded hands

DM: Anything else gentlemen? There will of course be water and food

Constance: I can’t think of anything, but you know what it’s like packing! You always feel like you’ve forgotten something!

Faustus: I think I’m good for anything else.

‪Bronan: Yup sounds good!

DM: Okay

DM: Anything else you three want to do before setting off?

DM: Okay. So

DM: You each have a quiver with 6 javelins, and you each have two nets

DM: There is also a very basic net launcher mounted on the covered wagon, with 10 nets coiled and ready to be shot. Loading it is a bonus action, firing an action. It has the same effect as a net but a range of 100ft!

DM: Also two camels, a bunch of water and food, and Toma also put in some plain brown hooded light robes in the style of the local traders

DM: And three pots of thick black tarry stuff with rag fuses (smokebombs….?)

DM: So, you are free to set off whenever you like

Constance: Where are we thinking of heading? Somewhere near the original site?

Constance: Somewhere with a cliff would be good.

Bronan: There are mountains to the north of the ambush site, so north from there?

Constance: Could be a shout. Find a place where Faustus can get hidden up high, reduces the efficacy of them flying out of range.

Faustus: Sounds good

DM: Okay!

DM: It takes you about four days to reach Rib Gulch

DM: Bronan, roll me a d6?

‪Bronan: Ooooh exciting

‪Bronan: I got a 2

‪Bronan: So I only get eaten by two sandworms?

DM: Okay. Going is slow, and at night on watch you hear some creatures sniffling at the edge of your vision, but nothing bothers you until you reach the gulch

DM: It iss another day to the tower, and a few hours to the previous caravan that got eaten

DM: If you are just carrying straight on?

Bronan: (I love it when I get to roll random dice, simultaneous sense of dread and fun)

‪Bronan: I point it out to companions

‪Bronan: Hey Bros, things snuffling in dark

‪Bronan: Last time dogmen attack, we go find and kill? Or keep going

‪Bronan: Bronan trying to pretend to be trader, trader not fight?

Constance: Trader not fight Bronan

‪Bronan: During the journey, I’ll be pretending to be a trader, much in the way children play shop, but with Sir dribbles, the camels and occasionally Faustus and Constance, though not too much with them as I don’t want them to get annoyed or ruin their day by being the kid that makes them play a game they don’t want to

Faustus: Haha

Bronan: “that right Mrs camel, two gold for sand pie. Yes much weather we have had, thank you have good day”

DM: So yes, after you pass rib gulch and into the red plains, how are you proceeding? How are you acting/dressed etc?

DM: Hahaha

‪Bronan: I roll 8 on animal handling for the camels selling

Constance: Hahahaha.

DM: He gives you no gold

‪Bronan: And an 8 on deception for pretending to be a trader

DM: Oh good

Constance: I guess once we start getting into “dangerous” territory I’ll lead he cart alone, stick Bronan on the back under the cover with a loaded net gun

Constance: Faustus can head off to one side within viewing distance and try to remain unseen?

Bronan: You guys can probably tell he’s not convincing

DM: In which case deception rolls from Constance and stealth from faustus

DM: How far out is faustus?

Faustus: Have we determined a good spot for me to spy from?

Constance: 3 + 1 😡

‪Bronan: Should we give Faustus more javelins?

Faustus: That’ll be an 18 total for stealth l

‪Bronan: I give him the 6 Melbos gave me, I have three anyway and I’m just going to be trying to net people

‪Bronan: Before he disappears like a ninja

Faustus: So I’m going to be up on a ledge if we can find one, staying hidden until they attack and then I’m going to be throwing down javelins at some birdmen?

Constance: Pretty much.

Faustus: Grand.

Faustus: I’m off then. My cloak pulled over my armour and shield.

Faustus: Can we see anything in the sky as we move?

DM: Right

DM: After a day you reach Ptonos’s tomb

DM: Across the red grass

DM: Night is falling. Where are you setting up the wagon? By the tomb, away in the dunes and plains?

DM: (the grass is like marram grass at the beach, it’s still sand underneath)

Faustus: I’d guess not suspiciously close to either the tomb or the previous attack site?

DM: So…about midway between?

Bronan: Hmm, we’ll need to build a good fire in case of night attack, I have no darkvision!

Faustus: Haha neither do I!

Bronan: Bronan not eat carrot, night eyes bad

DM: Survival roll to see how much fuel you can find?

Bronan: Cool

‪Bronan: That’s an unnatural 20

‪Bronan: 17+3

DM: Yeah you find enough for a reasonable fire to burn all night

DM: Constance roll a d6

Constance: 2

DM: Okay

DM: Nothing happens overnight. What are you doing?

Bronan: Slightly muffled “Bronan can come out now?”

Constance: Heading to somewhere in between the tomb and the site of the original attack trying to find an easily defensible position.

Constance: “Shhhhhh”

‪Bronan: Silence from the wagon… Then a slurping noise and the silence again

DM: I thought you were planning on north of the original attack to those small hills so faustus can hit up a high point? It’s all very small rolling dunes around here

Bronan: Yeah let’s do that

‪Bronan: I guess?

‪Bronan: I mean I’m fine either way, the basics are that Faustus is away so he can flank

Constance: Oh yeah. That.

Constance: Ok, let’s head north, skirting around the original site towards those mountains.

DM: Okay, Faustus, a d6 please!

Faustus: 1

DM: Okay!

DM: You skirt around the original site and soon find yourself in the Rocky hills known as the Wyrms Teeth on the map you have

DM: Here it is possible for Faustus to flank about 50ft out and also have elevation along ridges about 30 ft higher than the paths

DM: Is the plan to continue ambling along until dusk and then camp up?

DM: Bronan, roll a d6

Constance: Yup. Pretty much.

Bronan: I also got a 1, hopefully that 1 trend won’t continue in combat!

DM: All roll perception for me? Faustus, advantage due to your favourable position

Faustus: 18

Constance: 19 + whatever

Constance: Int?

DM: Bronan, disadvantage as you are under cover

Constance: (I have no idea why I struggle to remember this so much.)

DM: Constance, 19 is fine regardless

Bronan: You guys aren’t going to believe this, so I screen grabbed

‪Bronan: Got an unnatural 20 on disadvantage, exact same roll!

Constance: Hahaha. You think we have that little trust in you?

DM: Wow

DM: So

Bronan: I wouldn’t believe it, that kinda shit is a sure sign of fuckery

DM: Let me walk you through thus

Faustus: We’re all perceptive as shit

DM: The wagon is rolling between Rocky outcrpps, it’s around evening, the sun is burning to the west

DM: Red grass under the wagon, but the rocks above are bare

DM: Bronan is sat bored in the back, Constance leads the camels, and faustus is darting between rock outcrops, one eye always on the sky

DM: And almost all at once you realise the bird song has stopped, and get the send of being watched

DM: Bronan peeps from under canvas

DM: And all of you notice that the rock walls of this path are covered in scorpions!

DM: Each scorpion is the size of your arm, and there are a dozen at least

DM: For this game, initiative Is based on first replies, then enemies. After first round we will stick with that

Constance: Shit

Constance: Uh, can we turn around?

DM: It’s very narrow, you have to three point turn it, bringing the camels very close to scorpions

DM: The path ahead is clear but takes you past the scorpions, who are now bristling and clacking their claws

Bronan: Fuckballs, they are on the walls right? Or the floor?

DM: On the walls

DM: 6 on each side

DM: Faustus is 30ft up top of a sheer rock wall

DM: A scorpion 5ft, 15ft, and 20ft up each wall

Constance: How many camels we got?

Bronan: Shit, “make camel run, Bronan swipe with axe, if clackclacks follow, Bronan have plan”

DM: 2 camels

Constance: “Shhhh Bronan. If we do that then we give ourselves away”

DM: You want to make them dash? Controlling camel movement is a bonus action and they can move once per round

Bronan: At the moment, Bronan is holding his action until constance or Faustus tells him what to do

Constance: Goddamn it.

Constance: Stupid scorpions.


Come back next Monday for Chapter 12 of The Cursed Tomb!


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