Total Reroll Equinox: Episode 31 – Pensioner’s Discount

Welcome to Total Reroll Equinox, our new actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast! We’re starting in a brand new world created by our DM Ian, with new characters (but returning players from our previous game!), so join us in the world of Saugin as we explore (or try to explore) the land of TarTiir!

The gang is deep underground, beneath the volcanic island The Middle Sister. There is lava, scratching noises and weird psychic voices. Creepy stuff. We have just defeated a cult leader and recovered the rod of stone, but Mary has snuck off to try and steal a powerful artifact from the darkness itself. This will go well for her.

Download this episode (right click and save)

Map of the caves (and some snacks). We are the assortment of figures in the bottom right as we entire the caverns. In this episode most of the group starts in the top right corner, while Mary starts in the room with the pool in the middle.

You can find a little bit of background on the world of Saugin and TarTiir here!

Our intro and outro music is ‘Welcome to TarTiir’ by Ed Curry. Featured image by Kekai Kotaki.


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