The Cursed Tomb: Chapter 10 – Is a Bad Dude Clearly

So Adam and Ian don’t feel like they play enough D&D. To rectify this, they started playing a text-based adventure with a couple of friends, still using the 5th edition framework. We thought it would be fun to clean up the transcripts of this adventure and start publishing it in weekly chapters here on the site. Let us know what you think, and please share around! If you missed Chapter 1, check it out here!

Disclaimer: This is the transcript of a text-based D&D game played over a period of 6 months. Bad language included. Picture based dice rolls/media omitted. Names changed to preserve anonymity. Goblin based violence frequent. You have been warned.

Bronan: Hmm not wise to poke bear, but less wise to sleep in cave without checking for bear

‪Bronan: That how Bronan lost cousin

‪Bronan: Bronan not want to sleep in cave with bear he not know

DM: Well. The mayor is mysterious. Even Melbos knows not the full extent of his machinations

DM: But for now, the mayor is harmless. He lets us be

‪Bronan: Hmm ok, Bronan get odd letter from smallboy, maybe Bronan spend too much time away from tribe, but Bronan hear bear growl and want out of cave

‪Bronan: Constance and Faustus may want to speak again to Toma when we pick up map and supplies, they full from breakfast now

Constance: Melbos. You seem to be at least aware of the mayors “illicit” activities. In fact you seem to be the most informed individual in town. So that leads me to two questions. 1. What’s the mayors name? 2. How is he connected to The House of Endless Sun?

Constance: And also, how did you come to know so much?

DM: It is my role to know

DM: The Mayor, any water trader could tell you his name. Mayor Skross. As to his ties with the house of the endless Sun…I must answer a question with a question.

DM: Where did you hear of the house of Endless Sun? This is very important

DM: (he leans forward and seems agitated)

Constance: I look to Faustus (as it was him who nat 20d his history check)

Bronan: (on a side note, have we spoken with the water trader?)

Constance: (No I don’t think we have)

Constance: (I think brackets is the way to indicate out of character)

‪Bronan: (good plan, we should probably speak to the water trader at some point, in a desert, water is life and other such quotes from dune)

Constance: (Everyone always references that and I’m not entirely sure what it is. Film? Book? Game?)

‪Bronan: (all three, started as books, bad film with sting, a couple of games, puzzler, rts,  TV miniseries which was good and now his son is writing books in the world again)

‪Bronan: (I can hook you up with the books, film and mini series, the games probably won’t run on new windows operating systems)

Constance: (Sweet I’ll definitely steal those books for a bit on Tuesday when we play meatspace dnd)

‪Bronan: (meatspace? Also I looked up purple worms…those are big boy monsters… I mean Bronan would probably try to kill one, but as a player, we should definitely avoid them until much, much later in the game)

Constance: (Meta gaming! DM will be raging!)

‪Bronan: (meh as I said, Bronan would definitely try and kill em, and almost did until he was stopped!)

DM: (dune film was a masterpiece, and meta gaming will be punished with a random spell of my choice…But purple worm I’ll forgive, it’s pretty intriguing!

Bronan: (I thought the film was good as a kid, rewatching it last year and was disappointed, especially given the mini-series, bit given the cgi and effects of the time, it was pushing the limits, but it could do with a reboot)

Faustus: (It’s been a long time since I watched it. Also I’m back)

DM: So. You are meeting with Melbos, he want to know how you found out about the Mayors ties to the house of Endless sun

Constance: (Entertainment? Coms?)

Faustus: (The mayor being tied to the endless sun was a guess right? All we knew was that we found the bodies with their mark?)

Constance: (Yup. That plus the expecting a cart coming in)

Faustus: Ah yeah

Faustus: (We say this?)

Constance: (I already mentioned it, he asked how you know of them)

Faustus: (That’s what I mean, mention the bodies?)

Constance: (I leave that decision in your hands)

Faustus: We found bodies of men posing as traders with the mark of the house. I recognised it but know little else of their workings.  They had been ambushed by the Blessed Wind.

DM: Aha

DM: This will not please the mayor one bit

‪Bronan: The mayor waiting for men with scorpion tattoo? That why guardfriends say they do doubleshifts?

DM: I believe so

Constance: Wait. What?

Constance: Why would the mayor not be pleased? I was under the impression that he was expecting these people?

Bronan: Mm but scorpion tattoo men dead, worm food

DM: Because they have been killed, and his package, whatever it was, stolen?

Constance: I see.

Constance: Well is that something that he needs to know?

DM: He is up to something

‪Bronan: Remember? Constance upset, Bronan make constance happy and make grave, grave go into worm

DM: Worm? So no trace is left?

Constance: I do recall thank you Bronan

‪Bronan: Bronan not know worm digestive tract detail, may be trace

Faustus: The bodies were consumed by gigantic purple worms. We barely escaped ourselves.

Constance: We agree. We also believe he is up to something. Which is where our two paths cross. We believe that our best way of finding out more is to find whatever was on that cart and whoever took it.

DM: Then the Blessed Wind.

DM: As I said. Toma will give you a map, take a while and think of your plan and let him know any equipment you need or help you want

Bronan: *Bronan has finished his ale, looks around and refills and offers ale to people without ale*

DM: You have my blessing. This mayor, his strange desires. They do not help us, or the people of this town

DM: Melbos gratefully accepts ale and drinks it with his straw

‪Bronan: Scarf-mayor not nice guy, Bronan and Faustus and Constance friends make plan and speak to Tomafriend about things to kill birdmen?

DM: Perfectly summarised Bronan

‪Bronan: Bronan once work with bard called Cliff to make notes on tribe history

Faustus: Haha

DM: Superb

‪Bronan: (how does sir dribbles react to Melbos?)

DM: Curious, but cautious

DM: Melbos offers sir dribbles a biscuit

DM: Toma says, ‘seek me by Albo’s traders, Master Melbos will not be at this house again’

Bronan: Ok friend Toma, thank you for talk Melbos-elder, and Sir dribbles grateful for biscuit

Faustus: I nod.

Bronan: (where do we go guys?)

Constance: Thanks for your hospitality gentlemen. We shall speak again soon.

Constance: Back to the church? Study the map? Come up with a plan? Or head straight out of town.

Bronan: Hmm church lady friendly, holy water nice

‪Bronan: (does anyone remember where the child found us to give us the message? Maybe we avoid there?)

Constance: That’s why I said maybe head out of town.

‪Bronan: Ok, Bronan follow Constance and Faustus friends

Faustus: Sure.

Faustus: Are we dead set on avoiding the mayor then?

Faustus: Not that I disagree. Just checking.

Constance: I mean. What’s the best case scenario?

Constance: We speak, it’s unlikely we will find out anything from him. Maybe he gets this gem that he wants from us.

‪Bronan: Scarf-mayor shady, not wash hands, want magic gem and is badman, Bronan have gem, Bronan also have the beers, Bronan give Scarf-mayor the beers and die before giving dirty Scarf-mayor gem

‪Bronan: He send hungry child to send message, not feed childn send message

Faustus: Ok. I’m cool with all that, but it’s making an enemy. Which is fine. Is a bad dude clearly.

Constance: He’s at least a shady dude.

Faustus: Yup

‪Bronan: (an enemy is only an enemy as long as they’re alive…)

Faustus: Also true.

Bronan: Bronan think we can deal with Scarf-mayor, plus his message vague, not sure it from him, Bronan still not sure, happy to say it not clear if he ask

‪Bronan: No time limit on gem quest

Constance: Plus. In a purely mercenary sense this thing is worth more than we were offered. If we can get more elsewhere, fuck that guy

Faustus: Cool. I agree.

DM: So where were you headed?

DM: Are

Bronan: (how full is the ale keg now, I think a barrel holds around 40 gallons, if it’s three quarters full Bronan will probably ask for another barrel for supplies)

‪Bronan: (his flaw is he is enamoured with ale)

Constance: I think out of town, back in the direction of the obsidian ridge, find somewhere to hole up for a bit and come up with a plan of action, send word to Toma and Faisal what we need at night when we won’t be seen, then head to the place on the map to enact the plan

‪Bronan: Sound good plan

DM: Okay

Faustus: Yup

DM: There are a couple of deserted freeholds you passed on the way to obsidian ridge

Constance: Free holds?

DM: It’s 4 days to the actual ridge,

DM: Old farms

DM: But abandoned

DM: So basically you can find an abandoned shack on the edge of town. Or just out of town, or within a day of town. After that it’s desert so you camp out

DM: Bronan your barrel is almost full, it’s a pretty big barrel!

‪Bronan: Awesome news

Constance: I would say just outside town. That way we can easily get supplies for any plan that we come up with.

Faustus: Yup

DM: That is easy enough. You can make stealth checks if you are trying to be incredibly subtle about it

Bronan: 14 for Bronan

‪Bronan: (he oiled the handcart weeks)

Constance: Stealth is Dex right?

Constance: 17 + 3

DM: Great, great

DM: Faustus?

DM: Actually for a group check 2/3 passing is fine. You slowly make your way out of town toward a simple abandoned farmsted. You double back and head down side streets to minimise the chance of being seen, and feel like you’ve made it safely and discretely to shelter. You are about a mile out of town, a simple one room building next to a small field of withered date trees and a well

Bronan: Can I check to see if the well seems safe to drink from?

DM: Sure thing, nature roll! There is a bucket and rope

DM: As you have been through a reasonable amount of trouble and strife, this little base camp planning trip is a good time…to level up!

‪Bronan: That’s a 17 for nature

DM: The water is scummy on top

DM: But with a few minutes getting rid of that bad water, you are soon brining up crisp clear cool water

DM: So now you guys need to level up, and make a plan!

Constance: (Do you want us to role for Hp or just take what’s on the sheet?

DM: (Honestly don’t mind, no worries)

Constance: Sound. I’ll just take the average then

‪Bronan: Me too, I’m now on 23 hitpoints, get reckless attack and danger sense

Faustus: I just did it with the app so I think it took the average again? I’m on 20 hp. I need to pick a spell, got divine smite and I picked the protection fighting style which means I can use my shield to give an attack on an adjacent ally disadvantage as a reaction.

DM: Cooool

DM: It’s been a busy week for you guys! Big desert trek, undead gnolls, mysterious gems, officials with ties to crime, Thri-keen criminals offering you aid, aaracokra bandits…

DM: But for now you feel rested, and strong, and in mastery of your powers

DM: The desert is vast- the world is yours.

Bronan: (We have been busy!)

Constance: Three Warriors, in a land of hilarious typos.

Constance: Right if we are all levelled up. I want to take a look at this map.

Constance: Like that picture on the last page of LMoP

DM: That’s the map Toma gave you. The red X is where you found the caravan

DM: Further east, desert and plains for hundreds of miles then the sea. South, desert for weeks then jungle then ???. West, slow rise to steppe style higher altitude. North, city of Cormyra, and north of that many more cities and kingdoms and seas etc

DM: But to your knowledge Cormyra is the last great city to the south

Constance: So guys. Why don’t we head back in the general direction of that ambush. And set an ambush of our own!

Faustus: Sounds good to me.

‪Bronan: Sound good

‪Bronan: What equipment we need? Javelins? People with crossbow hiding in wagon?

Constance: I was thinking. Our two main issues will be flying and numbers.

Constance: So we need something to thin them out and keep them grounded.

Constance: How much cash do we have between us?

Constance: I have like two gold plus 8 silver. (Did we start with any $$$$?)

DM: Whatever you starting gold was

DM: But Melbos indicated that equipment for this venture would be funded by him

DM: So special weapons/items he will probably give you (within reason)

Constance: Ah. Lovely.

Constance: Well I’m thinking covered wagon with something hidden inside. We would need ranged weapons to take down anything that gets away from us. And nets. Lots and lots of nets.

Faustus: We found 10 gold each at the tomb too.

Faustus: So I have 20.

Constance: Yeah but I spent that.

Constance: Or at least most of it. No idea what starting gold was

DM: What’s your background, acolyte?

‪Bronan: Bronan has no gold

‪Bronan: Maybe a small net thrower style catapult kind of thing? Or, we could lure them to the wagon and then have a burning death trap with alchemists fire. And if we can somehow get something to make them fall prone, that would be great. My worry is that we will end up chucking javelins and maybe killing a couple on the floor while they pepper us with arrows. Maybe we need some way of getting cover? It would be hard to throw a javelin while hiding under a wagon

Constance: Agreed.

Constance: Maybe one person with wagon, one in the back under cover and one hidden elsewhere?

‪Bronan: I’m thinking maybe a stage coach style kind thing with ‘supplies’ wagon behind with the net thrower, that way someone on the stagecoach can chuck javelins etc and we can get into cover when we need to, we could hitch the net thrower to the stage coach

‪Bronan: Obviously, Bronan would be saying this in broken Bronanese which I am happy to type out if you want?

DM: Probably unnecessary in this case!

Constance: How would one go about throwing nets?

Constance: Or rigging something to do so?

Bronan: Kind if like a bolas thrower?

Constance: I was thinking maybe get some alchemist fire? Hunting traps? Dig holes covered with nets type thing?

Constance: I don’t know what a bolas thrower is

‪Bronan: A bolas is basically a weighted rope that was used to ensure people, a bolas thrower is not something that comes up easily in Google, but I swear I’ve seen some form of pedestal based weapon that slings them at people

‪Bronan: With a horizontal movement

‪Bronan: Ensnare*

DM: Yeah, basically a ballista that shoots bolas’s

‪Bronan: Yeah

‪Bronan: But maybe with nets? I know it’s essentially a siege weapon but can always ask!

DM: So you are looking for some ranged attacks and some ways to keep them grounded, including ranged ways of keeping them down?

‪Bronan: Pretty much, I won’t be able to fly until level 14

‪Bronan: Unless you were thinking of setting up a stationary trap Constance? Not sure we want to be digging much with the worms around but we could always try to summon the works to attack the bird people?

‪Bronan: (furiously tries to figure out if we can full on sandworm ride the purple worms)

DM: Ha.

DM: Summoning sandworms?

DM: Nature check


Come back next Monday for Chapter 11 of The Cursed Tomb!


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