Comic Book Review – The Last Sheriff #1 (Reckless Hero)

Our pal Kit reviews comics for us! This is one of those reviews.

Warning: Minor spoilers.

“Everybody calls me The Sheriff.” John H. Wilson

I was recommended another indie comic recently, and filling in for Adam this week felt like the perfect opportunity to try it. So let me introduce to you The Last Sheriff:

  • Writers – Chris Jenkins, Matthew King, Chris Imber
  • Penciller – Chris Imber
  • Colour Artist – Chris Jenkins
  • Letterer – Chris Jenkins
  • Publisher – Reckless Hero

The story begins in a dystopian western setting. New colonies have been founded, and although Sheriffs were brought in to keep law and order, eventually overpopulation and scarce resources lead to a societal breakdown and the rise of The Coalition – corrupt individuals dishing out their own form of justice. A civil war broke out and all of the Sheriffs were wiped out… at least that’s what people believe.

We’re offered an innovative western sci-fi world, where mules and revolvers meet high tech power ups and retinal implants. I wasn’t sure of the writing team’s approach of providing a couple of pages to sum up the setting before getting into the comic itself, but it did mean we could get right into the action without too much exposition once we were past it. Something that I found particularly interesting within the story is the motivation of the Sheriff. His war is all but lost, the once lawless Coalition are now the law, and society is adapting to it. It isn’t a nice society, but he is certainly an outsider fighting a battle that is lost. What makes this a little different though, is he very much still represents an establishment as opposed to being a totally anti-establishment figure. You can be sure that the disdain he has for the Coalition was once exactly how they felt towards the Sheriffs.

the-last-sheriff-coverImber and Jenkins work well together on the art, I was very much drawn to the front cover and the majority of the art inside is at a high standard. There’s the odd panel which doesn’t quite fit for me though – one where a character’s mouth simply doesn’t look right stood out, however this should not take away from the rest of the issue.  The Sheriff comes across as an intimidating and powerful figure during the action scenes and the dark tone of the comic is well supported by the colour work throughout the issue. My favourite question though:

Can Imber and Jenkins draw hands? This is an action packed issue, as such we see many hands punching, grabbing or wielding weapons. Imber and Jenkins do a solid job throughout in dealing with multiple perspectives and tricky angles to get hands looking as they should within the art as a whole. I did notice that Sheriff has very well kept finger nails for a rebel constantly battling in a dystopian western setting, but that clearly means he simply has high standards of hygiene.

Final Verdict

I was recommended this by a friend and I’m glad I read it, this is amongst the best action based indie comics I’ve reviewed and I’d recommend picking it up.

You can find The Last Sheriff physically and digitally at the Reckless Hero shop here.

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