Total Reroll Equinox: Episode 16 – Slime Time

Welcome to Total Reroll Equinox, our new actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast! We’re starting in a brand new world created by our DM Ian, with new characters (but returning players from our previous game!), so join us in the world of Saugin as we explore (or try to explore) the land of TarTiir!

This is part two of three of ‘The Last Hours of Scaleberg’ arc, where the gang were trying to take a well deserved break in a small fishing village, before some cultists started acting up. Always the way.

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The town of Scaleberg. We enter from the entrance to the south west, the red shapes are buildings, with the docks and the sea to the east and boats in blue. Lighthouse is to the south east. The circle and X nearer the middle is the statue to the goddess of light, the one closer to the south east and the lighthouse is the abomination altar.

You can find a little bit of background on the world of Saugin and TarTiir here!

Our intro and outro music is ‘Welcome to TarTiir’ by Ed Curry. Featured image by Kekai Kotaki.



An updated map of TarTiir. We are at Scaleberg, east of Dead Water and the Tomb of the Tabaxi King.

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