Total Reroll Equinox: The World of Saugin

We have started a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign, the first episode of which was released today! Here is a bit of background for the world that the adventure will take place in.


In the world of Saugin, after endless eons the Great Storm of the East has parted. 100 years ago the path opened, and the new continent of TarTiir was unveiled. To the north, endless jungle and mysterious temples and ruins; to the south, harsh desert and mountains rich with minerals and treasures; and before that a sea full of beasts and jagged peaks and uncharted isles.

tartiirThese adventurers are new to TarTiir, freshly exiled from their homelands. The kingdoms and baronies of Saugin come seeking riches and power. People of all races and creeds and allegiance come seeking their fortune. Cantripguns in hand and hats tilted low, settlers face the desert and see danger and opportunity and freedom.

Forces beyond anyone’s ken are rumbling deep in the east, far across the desert beyond what any mortal has seen. Will they fight for the future and freedom of TarTiir, or exploit its riches to their own ends?

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Featured image by Kekai Kotaki.

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