Total Reroll: Episode 67 – Season 2 Review (S2)

Welcome back to Season 2 of Total Reroll, our Dungeons and Dragons podcast! Adam has been playing some some good old fashioned D&D with some friends in London, except it isn’t old fashioned because it’s 5th edition. After finishing ‘Hoard of the Dragon Queen’, we’ve moved on with the same characters to ‘Rise of Tiamat’, the second part of the Tyranny of Dragons storyline. You can find mega-posts of all of the Season 1 content here and Season 2 here.

This week we have a short review episode where a few of the players and the DM chat about Season 2 and how everyone thought it went, where we deviated from the source material and what we’ve got coming up next. Check it out!

Download this episode (right click and save)

That is it for our second season! We hope you’ve enjoyed it. We’ll be back next week with the start of a brand new season, with new characters and a new world to play around in. It will be called Total Reroll: Equinox, and will be starting again at episode 1. If you know anyone that you think might enjoy it please share it around, we think this would be a great jumping on point! And keep an eye out on our social media accounts for when we release the first ep, and if you fancy it then help us to get the word out with shares and retweets. We’d really appreciate it!

If you have any feedback email us at, tweet us @lost_lighthouse or get in touch via our Facebook! Subscribe to the podcast feed or on itunes, and feel free to share or retweet too! Fancy supporting Total Reroll and The Lost Lighthouse? Check out our completely optional, pay-what-you-want Paypal donation page!

Our intro and outro music is ‘Acid Splash’ by Rich Thomson, and our “adverts” are provided by Anthony Walsh.



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