Total Reroll: Tyranny of Dragons Final Character Sheets

Last week we released the stand-in episode for what would have been the Season 2 finale of Total Reroll, our 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast, after my computer up and died abruptly and lost the audio file for the actual episode. Tomorrow we’ll be putting out a review episode where I chat with the DM Ian and a few of the other players about the second season, and we tease what is to come in Season 3 which starts next week. It will be starting again from episode one, with a new world and new characters, and we are hoping it will be a great jumping on point for new listeners. If you enjoy the podcast, we’d really appreciate you sharing it around to anyone you think might enjoy it. For now, we thought it might be fun to share the final character sheets for (almost) all of the characters we played as for the last year and a half through Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat, to see what a mess some of us made of them (click to enlarge).









Red was my character, a human female barbarian who was just a clone of Red Sonja, with a tropey backstory and an object of vengeance stolen from Warhammer 40K. I spent most of the time trying to turn her into something similarly unkillable, and based on the hit points I got to I think I did alright, much to Ian’s chagrin. No regrets.













Ravoprax was our bronze dragonborn druid, played by Alun. He was most known for casting moonbeam and filling every battle with a pile of summoned animals to bother the DM’s monsters.



amber-1 amber-2









Amber the dwarven ranger, played by Abi, was a bit of a ringer as she often couldn’t make the sessions. But considering she very often did a huge amount of the damage needed to help us survive, she was definitely an integral part of the group.



20161023_102045 20161023_102035









Nausicaa, our half-genasi bard played by Ed, was usually pretty handy with a sleep spell or mocking words, and wouldn’t let a pub go past without trying to sing for a bit of extra coin.



dariah-1 dariah-2









Kirsty played Dariah, a half-drow monk who pretended to be the daughter of the famous hero Drizzt Do’Urden to hide her fairly horrible backstory.



carnicula-1 carnicula-2









Carnicula, played by Stu, was our only character to die outright. No one seemed particularly bummed out by that. Mainly because he kept eating people when we weren’t looking.


Vin Johnson/Froomie

vin-johnson-1 vin-johnson-2 vin-johnson-3









Vin Johnson, the goliath ranger, was Stu’s second character after the death of Carnicula. He added basically nothing to proceedings, other than announcing his name constantly like a Pokémon.



artin-1 artin-2









Artin, played by Angela, was our hill dwarf fighter (or hill fighter dwarf, depending on who you asked) who was looking for the sword containing the soul of her great x 100 grandmother. Once she found it, she used it to behead a bunch of dragons. Not bad.

Finally, there was Eldo Timbers Cracklebang, our tempest cleric forest gnome and Talos worshipper played by Erick. I don’t have his character sheets, but despite moving back to America before we wrapped up Tyranny of Dragons, he Skyped in for the final fight with Tiamat. Maximum Effort.

And that is it! Remember to check out the review episode tomorrow, with our new story starting next week!


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