Comic Review – Silver Surfer #6 (Marvel Comics)

Our pal Kit reviews comics for us! This is one of those reviews.

Warning: minor spoilers.

“So… I cannot fix this with ice cream?” The Silver Surfer

It was a light week in comic book releases this week. Faced with none of my regular series and no first issues that caught my eye I found myself drawn to Silver Surfer #6 (written by Dan Slott, art by Mike Allred, colours by Laura Allred and letters by Joe Sabino), as it’s also the 200th issue of the Silver Surfer ever! The issue starts off with an overview of who the Silver Surfer is (Galactus’ most iconic herald who has gained his freedom and is on a mission of heroism and discovery) and his current companion Dawn Greenwood who has been travelling with him on his adventures, saving planets and kicking ass.

SS cover

Cover by Mike Allred & Laura Allred

As it should do the art stood out immediately. The art has a wonderfully familiar classic look to it, reminiscent of the silver age of comic books when the Silver Surfer first came onto the scene. The colouring compliments this look, although during fight scenes it comes off as more modern with the shading and dynamic imagery that backgrounds in each scene still hold the classic theme, maintaining the feeling throughout the comic book. The exception isn’t the battle with the monster of the week but the emotional confrontation Dawn has with someone from her past, where dark overtones provide a stark contrast to the classic, bright feel to the rest of the issue.

The story is similarly silver age in feeling. It’s a single issue plot, with a brand new villain, with the main threat dealt with and dinner on the table by the end of the issue. Spider-Man also makes a cameo appearance, unsurprising as Slott has done a lot of work with the web-slinger. We’re treated to a surprisingly in depth insight into who Dawn Greenwood is, as she attempts to engage with estranged members of her family. She tells them about her adventures, giving a very natural exposition to the ignorant reader (AKA me) who is familiar with the Surfer but not his modern adventures.

SS interior

Art by Mike Allred & Laura Allred

The comic also has some wonderful references to past events in Spidey and Norrin’s past, from weddings gone awry to Norrin’s troubled relationship with Galactus. Norrin and Dawn’s relationship is also explored. He acts as the crutch in this highly emotional issue for her and he plays a fantastic straight-man to give things a little humour, especially when detailing with an emotionally heavy sub-plot.

But the big question, can Allred draw hands? The classic theme lends itself to a simplistic design, so knuckles and other smaller details are put aside to maintain the theme. They looks good either in combat or during conversations to gesticulate and emphasise what’s being said and the emotion behind it 9/10 for hand drawing skills!

Final Verdict

Speaking as someone who always liked the Surfer as a kid but hasn’t picked it up since this was a great one off. It’s perfect for someone who appreciates the silver age of comic books with art that really brings this home:

Score: 8.25 Destroyed Potatoes out of 10

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