Age Of SigBrah Ep.21: A Tale Of Two Podcasts 

Welcome weary travelers

Gary & Andy bring you another episode of hobby chat and new releases. Don’t those Sylvaneth look ridiculously sweet?!

They also chat about the new dice and T-shirts coming soon.

The second half consists of them talking about Gary’s stag do. They are awful human beings

As always check out our amazing sponsors:

Mierce miniatures always deliver amazing quality resin (and now metal) products. Whether using them for Darklands or as an AoS alternative you’ll find some ace models. Also of you are outside the UK take advance of us curb stomping our own economy and get a sweet deal on the exchange rate.

Also check out Barnsley Models & Games and pre-order the Sylvaneth with 10% off with our code ‘lighthouse’ & get entered into a draw for a chance to win a copy of Silver Tower.

music by The Neon Tigers

Download this episode (right click and save)



Email thelostlighthouse@live.CO.UK

Twitter and instagram: lost_lighthouse


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