Age Of Sigbrah Ep21: Genuine Orange Peeler

Welcome weary travellers

In this weeks episode Gary & Andy babble on about a lot of random stuff from hobby to new releases it’s a real roller-coaster of a show. Well, the ones you get at shitty smaller British theme parks.


Mierce Miniatures. Check out their amazing Darklands range and grab some great alternative models to make your AoS army really stand out!

Barnsley Models and Games are a family run miniatures, board & card game store. The co-owner Karl is an old friend and a stand up chap. He’s also giving you 10% off if you use the code ‘lighthouse’, so get on it! to sweeten the deal even more, if you order before the end of July you’ll be in for a chance to win a copy of Silver Tower!

Download this episode (right click and save)

Music By: The Neon Tigers, Ep available on Itunes.


Twitter & Instagram: @lost_lighthouse

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