Comic Review – Birthright Volume 1: Homecoming (Image Comics)

Our pal Kit reviews comics for us! This is one of those reviews.

Warning: Minor spoilers. Especially as I’ll be reviewing a whole volume, you’ll probably know most of the plot of the first issue by the time you finish. But go and buy it anyway (implied spoiler about the score I give it)!

“You think your weapons can stop me? I’ve been trained to battle magic and monsters that if you were ever to see them would make your eyes bleed! It is my fate to save the world and no one will stop me!” Mikey

A couple of months ago I made a huge mistake. I went into Excelsior! Comics in Bristol and asked them for a recommendation. I was told I had to read Birthright written by Joshua Williamson, with art by Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas. You know what? They were completely, 100% right. I’m hooked on it and need to pick up another volume as soon as I can.

birthright featured image

Volume One Cover by Bressan & Lucas

Now let me tell you why it’s good. Our hero is a boy and later a man called Mikey. As a kid he had a loving, tight knit family, with caring parents and was best friends with his brother. He goes out for a game of catch with his dad, but the ball goes astray, he chases after it but finds himself in the fantasy world of Terrenos, full of dragons, kingdoms and of course an evil God King called Lore, and yes, he’s the chosen one. Destined to save the world and defeat the evil king. Meanwhile his family search desperately for him but come up blank, eventually the police get involved and the dad is bought into custody, after all he was the last person to see Mikey.

A few years later Mikey has returned to the world, while his older brother is still in school but getting into fights, his parents are divorced and hate each other and his dad a raging alcoholic, Mikey is a fully grown man built to make Arnold Schwarzenegger look tiny and with an arsenal of magical weapons and items that would make any Dungeons & Dragons party cry. He has returned from the world of Terrenos to save our world from a great evil. The story then hops backwards and forwards between the current time in our world and Mikey’s time in Terrenos, showing us what happened to him while he was there and how he grew up in another world. As a world Terrenos is full of wonderful magic, creatures and peoples. The characters there are full of personality and you’re left wanting to know so much more about it.

Birthright art

Art by Bressan & Lucas

I’ll leave it there. There’s more involved, fantastic plot twists and a wonderfully gripping story. Mikey is unsurprisingly treated as a mad man and has such a battle convincing his family he is who he says he is. As well as that the art is incredible, the action scenes are full of the fantastical colour you’d hope for from fantasy combat and both worlds have the perfect feel to them. There’s only so much I can say about it, but the art is absolutely one of the strongest points of this comic.

Final Verdict

This is one of my new favourites. If you like comics and fantasy then you need to try this. It isn’t quite the perfect fairy tale story some of these turn out to be either.

Final Score – 9.25 Flaming Swords out of 10!

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