The Lost Lighthouse Reviews: Urbanmatz

I’m super excited to see gaming mats becoming widely available since my last review. I really can’t believe how much one can change a gaming experience. No longer do you have to play on bare boards or ghastly bright green painted tables. The other great thing with them being more widely available is the variety of designs and sizes to choose from, as well as competitive prices.

Today, I’m here to talk about the 4×4 “Concrete Area” mat by Urbanmatz. This will set you back €45, so around £36 and for a 6×4 around £48 plus delivery. A very good price in my opinion. But that’s the boring bit out the way let’s get down to the mat itself.

I wanted a multi-purpose 4×4 that worked for any sci-fi skirmish, or a smaller 40k game. The thing I like about this mat is that it doesn’t have roads (insert standard Doc Brown quote here). This might not sound a big deal, but it is. I have a mat with roads and while it looks cool, it makes placing terrain quite restrictive. It feels unnatural to place a building on a road so you tend not too, resulting in a similar set up you’ve played time and time again. When you don’t have them, you can create any configuration you want.

First up the bare mat itself. There’s some nice little details included like the skeleton of some long dead beast and the piles of bones around the central courtyard. There’s a nice mix of shattered concrete and cobblestones that covers the mat and parts are overgrown with moss and grass. This world really has seen better days!





I would like to have seen the colours be a little bit more vivid but that’s being very picky. Once terrain is placed it really comes together.


As you can see, the table begins to create it’s own story. Maybe a desolate, outer rim planet that’s been ravaged by alien invasion.





You can see this mat fitting the low tech world of Ariadna for Infinity, or the underhive in Necromunda. It really fits the bill for any sci-fi setting.

So my final thoughts. I really think this is a great value mat. The positives vastly out way the small niggle I have with it and you’ll be hard pushed to find a better value one. It’s a great multi-game item. I definitely recommend it.

If you’d like to check this one, or one of Urbanmatz many sweet designs, then follow this link. I’ll be doing another review soon, of their Cobble stone mat for our Mordheim campaign.


Monty also gives his paw of approval.


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