New Dawn (Dom) Tournament Rundown!

I still feel horrible. I’m tired, moody and have a massive hobby boner. Which could only mean one thing, I’ve come back from a great tournament!

Last weekend end me and Andy traveled down to Weymouth to participate in Chris Tomlin’s New Dawn Age of Sigmar tournament. The spiritual reincarnation of Blackout (Chris’s amazing 8th ed tournament).

I never thought I would be a tournament attendee as “winning” is pretty low on my agenda (yes I took Nagash but please believe me) but what I’ve come to learn is that AoS IS my tournament game. It’s just great, haters gunna hate but this weekend proved it works and works well!

We rocked up just in time for registration and I was ready for Game 1 against one of my favorite people, Tim Fisher. He had somehow managed to speed paint an awesome nighttime Clan Eshin army, in 2 weeks! We also had old scores to settle as Tim smashed me in our game at Blackout the year before. We added an extra win condition, claiming Nobhill! I assume it must of been throbbing with immense power!


I managed to pull of massive win, mainly to do with the Necrosphinx being an absolute boss! He also managed to claim Nobhill, which meant Tim owed me a pint. Now there’s some propaganda going about that I put, not one but 2 units in my summoning pool that can’t be summoned and didn’t realise till I tried to summon them. Well it’s true haha! I was a complete idiot but it was worth bit for the laughs.

Game 2 was against Russ Veal of Facehammer fame, also the creator of this tournament pack. I soon realised I had some things going against me. I didn’t have enough scoring units to compete, I hadn’t read the mission and Russ is a much much better player than me! Also, Wrathmongers are awesome! Russ cleared me off the table but it was worth it see a good player at work and the banter was top notch. He did get a really bad nose bleed just before the game, which I think was a trick to make me feel sorry for him.


Game 3 against Kieran Harper from the Cheltenham Warchiefs. Another great opponent, Kieran plays how I like, explaining what he’s trying to achieve which saves any misunderstanding later in the game. His destruction force worked incredibly well and his early grab of the natural terrain meant I was on the back foot. Once again I was delivered a defeat! But had a great time and a great, close, game.

So most of the group then went bowling, obviously to claim the coveted Kingpin trophy, and to see Chris try to win a trophy at his own tournament.

It was a proper funny night out which included a big wrestle Diesel pile in the middle of the lanes.


Day 2! This is the day I smugly enjoy. I don’t drink much, a couple of pints and I’m set for the night. Everyone else seemed to have a few more shall we say.

Game 4 I was against big dogger Dies himself! I’ll make this short, I kept to the mission and diesel diced himself off to give me a massive victory(erection). I think diesel has ran into the road block of trying to make an 8th ed army work in AoS and it just doesn’t. I’m looking forward to seeing a new project from him.


During lunch we voted for players choice best painted armies and I was honoured to be included in the short list.



Game 5 and I was against none other than the awesome Paddy O’Sullivan. Last game,  I just went for it and pushed Nagash forward. He took a big hit from a Stonehorn and several massive blasts from the Thunderhorn. But manged to survive and pull off a victory. This was an amazing game and Paddy was a great opponent. Perfect way to end the weekend. Can’t wait to play his Stormcast soon.


Chris puts on a great event, I genuinely love it. The food is always amazing from Marlboro, if you’re ever in Weymouth check them out. Best fish and chips around! Chris also knows great trophies. I’m sure he always comes out at a loss with the amount he puts on! Also winners of trophies this year got vouchers for the awesome Mierce Miniature site.

Here’s a listing for the rankings and trophy winners:



I ranked 2 places higher than last year and I’m honoured to pick up sports. I don’t know how I managed to counter the horribleness that is Nagash but I’m super happy I did, so thank you to my opponents that voted for me.

Once again this was amazing. Thanks to all my opponents and to Chris for putting on such a great event!

Please also check out AgeOfSigBrah on iTunes for more AoS coverage from Gary.


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