Comic Review – Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (DC Comics/IDW)

Kit is taking over the weekly comic book review because Adam is in the unenviable position of attempting to finish off his PhD.

Warning: minor spoilers.

“THIS IS FOR MY PONY RACERS!!!” – Michelangelo

Holy childhood dream crossovers! Batman and the Ninja Turtles? As you can guess, my inner child could not say no to this issue. Which is also why this review may be coming out a little late… my DC digital comic app clunked out on me till 10 PM last night!

Right then… on with the review for Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (written by James Tynion IV and drawn by Freddie Williams II)… As you can see, this is one of those very fun, very non-canon crossovers that the major publishers love to churn out every now and then (I still have my copy of Batman vs Predator!). Honestly, these can often be sub-par. A fun idea, but nothing more. Still, the Turtles comics tend to review well and Batman is sky high in popularity these days, so what could go wrong?

Before I take this further though… if anyone’s seen the theory online the Ninja Turtles are cannon with Daredevil… which means Daredevil and this version of Batman are now loosely canon too? I say loosely, because of course the Ninja Turtles and Bats are not exactly from the same world. It seems our reptiles have somehow managed to wind up in another world, in a city full of crime where lone vigilantes roam the night. They of course fit right in.

batsturtlesThe comic opens up with the Foot Clan, also trapped in Gotham running a series of break-ins to steal high end tech. And guess who’s there to protect Gotham? Four turtles of course! They deal with the Foot Clan and vanish into the night. Meanwhile Alfred is giving Batman jip about another crazy project he’s getting involved in. This version of Alfred seriously likes to back-chat Bruce. It seems Damian is elsewhere and Bats is concerned about these meta-human mutants he thinks are behind the thefts. Guess who their next target is? Wayne Enterprises.

Meanwhile, Killer Croc is scouting the sewers, where he runs into a lair full of half eaten pizza and tech. He tries to call out the inhabitants, but they only react when he goes and breaks Mikey’s prized game. Then he finds out four turtles are apparently more than a match for one crocodile (plus some nameless henchmen…).

Bats goes to protect Wayne Industries and runs into an unfamiliar villain. The issue ends with a fight brewing, but the Shredder has already got away.

This is very much a set-up issue, there’s plenty of foreshadowing and the plot I’m sure will be fairly simple. However, it is also a hell of a lot of fun. The turtles are badass, though the whole Killer Croc bit feels like it’s just there to give the Turtles someone to beat on. The art by Williams II looks amazing on the Turtles… if maybe a little off on Bats occasionally. Overall the issue looks great, I just found one or two of Batman’s panels looked a little off.

Final Verdict

This is a simple one: do you want to see Batman and the Ninja Turtles in the same book? Then go get it. It won’t win any awards I imagine, but it’s a very fun romp and your inner child will love it.

Final Score – 8 Half-Shells out of 10!

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