Comic Review – Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 (Marvel)

Kit is taking over the weekly comic book review because Adam is in the unenviable position of attempting to finish off his PhD.

Warning: minor spoilers.

“Humanity is leaving its childhood and moving into its adolescence as its powers infuse into a real hitherto beyond our reach.” – Dr Gregory Stock

Well that’s a deep quote isn’t it? And that’s how we start off the comic book I’ll review this week! It’s on the first page of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1. You may be wondering why I didn’t review The Dark Knight III this week. Truth be told you’ll find so many reviews on it across the internet it’ll be impossible to escape! I wanted to do something a little different, and the kid in me really can’t say no to dinosaurs. Or super-heroes. So a super-hero dinosaur? I didn’t stand a chance.

The comic is again a new first issue for Marvel, a nice easy series to pick up. It’s written by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder, the artist was Natacha Bustos and colourist Tamra Bonvillain.

We’re introduced to our hero, Moon Girl aka Lunella, well that isn’t her hero name yet but more the name kids in school use to tease her. She’s a hyper intelligent child, bored out of her mind at the depressing easiness of school and only just about managing with her parents. When I say she’s intelligent she really is intelligent. She’s been designing a machine that detects Kree technology, she’s been investigating Inhumans and chemical clouds changing people. Out one night she comes across a Kree macguffin.

Meanwhile, millions of years ago Moon-Boy and his team mate Devil Dinosaur are out to rescue said macguffin. He’s a human ancestor (I think?) who’s been exiled by his tribe for making a deal with the Devil. Well, Devil Dinosaur. When his kind find him they attack him while Devil Dinosaur is distracted.

Moon girl and DDBack in the future, a douche-bag of a P.E. teacher takes the macguffin away from Lunella and accidentally activates it. A portal across time is created and well. We can guess how this will end. Devil Dinosaur ends up in the present! There is an instant bond between Devil-Dinosaur and Lunella, which looks like it’ll be properly explored in future issues.

The art suits the series well, there’s a lot of strong, bold colours which set a tone anyone, kids or adults can pick up and enjoy. There is just one criticism I have of it….

Current evidence indicates that even non-avian dinosaurs had feathers. Where the hell are Devil-Dinosaur’s feathers? I may let this slide as he’s clearly a unique dino, his eyes appear to be on fire after all. But still, I hope Marvel pick up on this next time, especially as the Erica Henderson managed to pick up on this in the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl series.

Right, nerd rant over. Finally, as you might expect with a child as a protagonist it’s a child-friendly series. A kid can pick this up and enjoy it and as an adult the kid in me very much did enjoy this! Moon Girl and Devil-Dinosaur, like the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl are great comics to have a bit of fun with, very much accessible for kids as well as adults.

Final Verdict

This was a lot of fun, the art is bold and dramatic, and it’s a good set up. I’d like to learn more about Devil-Dinosaur who hasn’t featured much yet, but surely a sign of a good first issue is the reader wants to know more! Some adults may find this a bit too childish, but it’s a dinosaur super-hero. What else would you expect?

Final Score – 8 Killer Folk out of 10!

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