The Lost Lighthouse Reviews: Dice Masters “War Of Light” 2-player Starter Set


Dice Masters has been such a massive hit this year in the game world but I’ve been avoiding it like the plague. Why you ask? Because I didn’t like the way it looked? The themes? The fact it’s dice? Nope, I love all the those things! I have been trying to avoid it because I love everything about it, and I didn’t want to get addicted. Still, despite all these things I’ve managed to avoid it. Until I got sent a copy of Dice Masters “War Of Light” to review. It’s fine, I mean, it can’t be that good, right? *Gulp* .

I’ve got to say, I’m a Marvel man. Anyone that listens to the podcast knows I’m not a huge fan of DC. Batman is fine, I don’t like Superman and there’s not many more I can name in all honesty. Which is why I was genuinely happy that the review copy I was sent was a DC themed 2-player starter set. It meant I could reach my conclusion focusing on the game, not the themed wrapped around it. It’s hard sometimes, as we all forgive our loved ones failings, but that doesn’t help a games review!

I think the best way for you to get to grips with the rules is to check out this amazing video by the legendary Rodney Smith, of Watch It Played fame, which can also be found on the Wizkids website. It really helped me get to grips with the rules before my first game.

The game works a lot like a collectible card game, but with dice. In fact, that’s exactly what it is! If you’re familiar with card games like Magic The Gathering, then you’ll understand the basics of Dice Masters. You start the game with 8 basic dice that, when rolled, generate different types of energy (an in-game resource) or a basic fighter, or sidekick as they are called. Side kicks and character dice are you main fighting power, able to attack, block or just be menacing in general. The attacking rules are simple, with the complexity coming from what you decide to do. When you choose to attack, your opponent can elect blockers, any damage that gets through takes life points away from the player. Going back to energy,  you can pay for better dice which represent bigger and more bad ass heroes, which in turn can generate more energy or fighting versions of themselves. In War Of Light you have access to heroes like Hal Jordan and Batman but you can also recruit villains including Lex Luthor and the dreaded Anti-Monitor. But the core of the game is learning when to recruit, battle or hold strong in defence. One mistake, or poorly planned attack can easily lead to your defences being to weak to withstand a strong retaliation. Also trying to remember who your opponent has recruited and if they’ve been drawn from their dice bag yet is vital! In my first game, my opponent was in a strong lead and decided to attack with all he had, reducing me to 1 life point! But he used all his dice, I then drew my dice and 3 of them I rolled ended up being strong characters which then attacked and won me the game.


This set gives you lots of play value, a few starter sets I’ve played in the past requires you to immediately go and buy extras to get any proper play from them. This set lets you play a really good game but trust me, you’ll go buy boosters, not because you need to but because you want to!

What was really cool was working out little tricks like keeping your basic sidekick dice in the field area, effectively “milling” your dice pool so you’re more likely to draw your stronger dice but also helps your defence.

If, like me, DC isn’t your thing then they also have Marvel, Yu-Gi-Oh and D&D versions. If they do an Alien or Predator (or vs) set, I might as well get my pay check in dice form!

My FLGS runs at least one draft a week of Dice Masters and I talked to them about it, and they said the game is only picking up speed. Everyone loves it and the fact you can do drafts of it makes me love it even more. 2 dice boosters are also available, meaning you might pick up some rares along the way! You can use this handy store finder to help you find the closest location to play. RRP is £16.99 and boosters are £1


I can only assume this guy hates those lizards!

I really enjoyed Dice Masters “War Of Light” and if you enjoy the Lantern Corps or the War Of Light cannon in general then this is definitely the box set to pick up, the art is beautiful and dice are awesome quality.

I’m more than happy to say I fully recommend this game, just don’t blame me when you have to re mortgage your home!


We were supplied a copy for this review.

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