Comic Review – Holy F*cked #1 (Action Lab: Danger Zone)

Adam reads as many comics as he can afford. Every week he reviews of one of them, with potential minor spoilers.

Last week writer Nick Marino very kindly sent over a digital copy of Holy F*cked #1, the start of a follow up miniseries to his previous Holy F*ck that he created with artist Daniel Arruda Massa (and I reviewed here earlier this year). Holy F*cked was out last week on September 9th, published by Action Lab: Danger Zone.

holy2After saving the world from Zeus and his evil pantheon of Gods, Jesus, Satan and Sister Maria have all moved on with their lives. While Maria works in what looks like a homeless shelter, Jesus and Satan, now a loving couple, celebrate some exciting and confusing news. All while Jesus does some pretty awesome skate tricks. Meanwhile at Mount Olympus, Hercules sits on the deserted throne of his father. Hell-bent on revenge for Zeus’s death, he heads to LA to disrupt this new idyllic life and to murder his father’s killer – Jesus Christ.

As with the mini series that preceded it, Holy F*cked is a sacrilegious, insane and ridiculous comic that can and will offend people, but only if you don’t have a sense of humour. I don’t know why Jesus is a pro-skater now, or why Satan is a stay at home husband, but it’s hilarious so it really doesn’t matter. This first issue largely deals with catching up with the characters in aftermath of the previous series, and setting up where this mini will go. Marino’s story is brisk, and the dialogue is funny and sharp, if a little crass at points (not that it’s a problem at all), to the extent that the writing is even stronger here.

Aruda Massa’s exaggerated cartoony style, already lot of fun to look at, has improved too for Holy F*cked. The skateboarding JC looks excellent (and I always enjoy overly descriptive sound effects like ‘LAND!’), and I’ve never seen so much… detail on the Son of God.

Holy F*cked #1 is another hysterical comic from Marino and Arruda Massa, continuing the adventures of Jesus, Satan and Maria while improving on what made the previous series work so well. Hilarious, borderline offensive and blasphemous (the holy trinity!), if you enjoy irreverent takes on deities then you should really check this out. Find it in last week’s comics section at your LCS today, or look for it on your preferred digital comics doodad. Check out the collection of Holy F*ck while you’re at it!

Score: 8 Kick Flips out of 10

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