Indie Comic Review – Reapers #1 (Insane Comics)

Our pal Kit  reviews comics for us sometimes! This is one of those times.

“Well… You did it… You killed yourself. Not what I was expecting. On the bright side there aren’t any people around” – Reapers

Time for another Indie Comic review. This time I’m looking at Reapers from Insane Comics. This was written by JoJo King, the art by Adrian9 and the lettering by John Palmer IV.

The story begins with our protagonist, Violet, being rushed to hospital, where she dies, having cut herself with a razor. As she passes away she finds herself in a different afterlife than what she was expecting. Here she runs into a stranger, another recently deceased girl. They are met by someone who clearly knows the score around the afterlife, The Reaper, although he apparently prefers ‘Victor’. The Reaper then proceeds to offer the two girls a deal: they work for him as Reapers and he’ll give them what they each desire. A new life for our protagonist’s companion and nothingness for our protagonist herself.

They agree and head out on their first collection, they find a rotting corpse where they’d been expecting a regular guy for them to kill. It seems somebody got there before them, with their assistant ‘Michah’. Turns out Michah is a demon and they battle it out.

I like the art in this comic, a lot of detail is packed into each of the panels and the imagery in the early pages showing the afterlife is unique and captures the mood. As the issue progresses and we get to take a look at the characters. The non-human characters appear full of personality and look very cool.

The concept for the story is interesting and a lot could be done with it. However there’s a lot more to be explored the first issue doesn’t manage to touch on, although this is largely due to a large portion of the comic being given to Violet’s origin story. This is fairly necessary for the start of this story though, Violet’s death and subsequent exploration of the afterlife is pivotal to giving an insight into her character.

One of the elements that didn’t fit so well with me was The Reaper, Victor, much as the Grim Reaper aspect works the language he uses feels disjointed and a little out of place. However this could just be a first impression, a little more characterisation over further issues could easily rectify this and flash out his character a lot more.

Final Verdict

I’d say this comic is off to a solid start. It’s an origin story so a lot of the issue has to be dedicated to explaining what’s going on. In this case it’s a good place to start and give us a chance to see the key players on Team Reaper. The art fits the setting very well, particularly when showing the afterlife Violet finds herself in.

If you want to check Reapers out, you buy it here and check it out digitally or in print!

Score: 7 Newly Recruited Reapers out of 10.

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